Keeping Up With Kaguta S1E8: A Work-Out Plan and Social Discipline

I saw a video of so many people on the Northern bypass walking and running around that, they are exercising. This should stop. If you want to exercise, you can do that indoors. I will show you how it is done tomorrow. I will do a video for you” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (08.04.2020)

There is never a dull moment in the lectures of President Museveni. Because of the reports of the people running on the roads in Kampala. The President is now stopping that, as the social distance isn’t followed. He will now make a copy of Kanye West’s “Work-Out Plan” Music-Video. Surely, he will do it in a way. Who knows whose of his team who will help him. This can be as funny as the parodies of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. Since his not that athletic nor a sporty.

We can see more of this speech or National Address, as the COVID-19 Lockdown continues. The President continues show his ways. The micro-managing. Surely, somewhere, someone is printing papers and writing new guidelines. Internal Circulars within the LDUs, Police Force and Soldiers are trying to comply to the new regulations. This is the way they do it.

Our job was to scatter the dry grass (gatherings) but on the other hand block the people with the matchbox or stress those who have entered (Infected people). But actually this virus is easy if you follow the guidelines” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

The house is on fire.. People should stop talking about normalcy in a time of abnomarlcy.. We are not fighting with the disease, we are fighting with social indiscipline” – Yoweri Kaguta Musveni

Clearly, the President is tired of the ones not complying to his words, his orders and the lockdown itself. He is clearly angered and unhappy. That is why his saying people is indisciplined and need to listen. That is why his saying its serious and people needs to listen. In this instance it is true. As the contagious disease of COVID-19/Coronavirus is dangerous. Stay home, stay safe and wash hands. Use social distancing measures, only go out if you need and get groceries. That is how it is around the globe. Even as the President is limiting even more.

However, his continuing to pound on the needs of cars. Like cars can heal the sickness. The state are having trouble if this disease gets big or start to spread hard. The Health Care system isn’t prepared for that. That is why the President is going out so hard. However, his key thing to beat this except for social discipline is cars.

We need 1,400 vehicles to cover all districts” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

So, he keeps on hampering on this one. The cars given is clearly not enough. He is addicted to cars, not ventilators, nor PPE. Neither sanitizers or anything else. Because Uganda is prepared like he also said in the Address. His steady addressing of the state. Still, his not heavy with legislation nor with written word on the needed changes within the lockdown. Like he thinks its better to point out small changes all the time. Instead of pushing further restrictive legislation. That is why he even stops the Boda-Boda from operating after 2 am now. That is how it is!

Let’s see how his doing and how this will play out. There is always one Authority, one other leader who has jump hoops after an address. Since, they were not prepared for the work ahead. Just like the stickers last time. Peace.

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