A look into Aponye Limited

Today, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) started with their drive to help citizens during the lockdown in the Republic. Which is something they need to do, as the gig-economy and the loads of people living hand-to-mouth needs food on their plate. While they are spending time at home and cannot afford to buy food. Therefore, what the state now does is needed and a positive drive.

Still, when the state donates maize from Aponye Limited and writes on the 6kg packs of maize flour “NOT FOR SALE – Maize Flour for the Vulnerable Poor – Supplied by: Aponye Limited”. Than, people start to wonder, what is with this company and who owns it?

That is where I come in. Apollo Nyegamehe is the newly elected Chairperson of the NRM in Rubanda district, a big-man from Kabale. Who says his company been running since 1989. However, on his grain selling business started in 2006, which he stated to the DFCU, as he needed the loans from the bank to evolve the business. It has 35 trucks, milling grains up to 240 tonnes a day and sells this to World Food Programme (WFP). Also 50 staff and 120 contractors. By 2007, President Museveni had already given him an award on being a good exporter, which he did to Rwanda and Burundi with his trucks.

Apollo Nyegamehe, Managing Director, Aponye “What we have achieved, we have achieved it because of DFCU. DFCU has helped my business to grow.” (DFCU – ‘50 Years of Backing SMEs and Creating Jobs in Uganda’15.09.2014).

We know he has no trouble being a big-shot as in 2010, he did by charity buy a portrait of President Museveni for 10 million shillings that was done for a fundraising drive for Rushoroza Cathedral in Kabale. His also a lucky man who was twice compensated for lost trading and investments in South Sudan in 2013. In 2019, he was in part of 150bn cash bonanza scandal hitting the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED). Where it was reported that his company was getting 40 billion of this, while Aponye claimed he didn’t get a coin. So, his been associated with pay-offs from the state in past.

The tycoon is clearly in the midst of the state and a useful tool for them. That is why his a local chairman and also now involved in the COVID-19 Relief Fund, where his maize flour is delivered to the houses. Most likely because of his close association with the NRM and the leadership. He was a easy pick.

A man whose awarded, a man who has been close and supportive of all NRM. When NRM are in crisis. Who should they call? Well, what about this loyal fella who also owns a granary and trucks to do the logistic. Also, his one of our own, so this tycoon will repay the party later. That is just good business.

What is striking to me is at some places they are claiming his business started in 1989, but himself stated nor many years ago it was in 2006. His been involve in campaigning in Kabale for the NRM in 2011 and 2015/16. Now his a Chairman and a tycoon who they are using. That is just the way it is.

Sure we know, that the investment of 10 million shilling for a portrait of the President has paid off. As he is one of them now. Peace.

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