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Keeping up with Kaguta S1E7: The Episode of Viral Nightmares

We lack money but we still have food. We have too much milk, we have nowhere to sell it. Town dwellers who earn hand to mouth are those we are going to help but for a limited period” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (03.04.2020).

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is out on a hot-strike, as he has hit his 7th National Address on the COVID-19 or the Corona Virus outbreak in the Republic. Where he doles out his wisdom. Where he speak out his unfiltered mind and partly wishes he had his own MTV reality show. Because, he loves the spot-light and being the only man with a vision and who can resolve anything.

The medicine man, the man who can secure the faith of the nation, the patriotic superhero and giant of all. Kaguta is at it again. This time saying people are allowed to go the closest latrines and be stuck in their houses.

Also, he complains that workers for him in the State House isn’t leaving, they are cleaners who isn’t fleeing, but needs to get home. Wherever that home be and whatever state their living quarters are. Than, saying he lived in the bush for 5 years, so people should manage whatever. Not like the public should live like in Civil War, because you need water and soap, clean environment to ensure the corona virus spreading.

The President spoke of the power of soap and sanitizers, however, much of the population cannot afford the latter. They have enough things to pay for, while they are stuck in their houses under lockdown and cannot even get salaries or hawk for their daily pay. Still, the President didn’t challenge landlords, nor the authorities to secure running water and electricity.

He also wanted the rich to give away spare 4WD to the local Health Care Centre and such. Because, they who owns factories and such has spare to donate to the state. This coming from the man who ran the state for 34 years and now has excuses to loot the ones who gives him kickbacks to start businesses. Such a class act this His Excellency. Cars will help, but the state has bought dozens of cars over the years to MPs, State House, Parliament and so-on. Which all should be first to be front-line before he anticipate the foreign investors to drop him some investments.

A proof of his total failure of office is this one:

We should not mix our old problems with this that is new. You can’t bring the long-standing problem of poverty which is not an emergency and has been around for a very long time. If you mix issues up, you are going to make us fail” – (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 03.04.2020).

Why do I say so? Well, for a man who promised to offer a fundamental change and who always speaks of steady progress. The man who says he made a difference and soon becoming a mid-income country. Surely, is failing like hell and cannot stomach the utter disgraceful results this gives. Because, his old problems is his lacking efforts and his lacking governance, which is the terrible factor here. That he who has run the Republic, who has promised to fix this from day-one. Hasn’t delivered. The COVID-19 only amplifies this failure, as the public lacks what they need to battle it and the state didn’t facilitate the necessities nor the stability for the basics. That is all his fault. Because, he has been focusing on his cronies, his associates and those close to him. Not building the Republic for everyone.

If you had cared about “old problems”. The Health Care Centres, the Hospitals and everything would be up to scratch now. The old problems would have be to have more ICU beds, have more units of educated nurses and doctors for this pandemic. You would have a better supported National Medical Stores (NMS). However, those are all ship who sailed, that is why your begging for cars for the district tonight.

Mr. President this is yet another disgraceful attempt of you to show grace. Instead of trying to delegate and let the experts lead. Your continues micro-managing and the mismanagement continues. Instead of taking a good way out. Your digging your own grave. This is not winning. This is slowly loosing.

You want to combat this disease, which the whole world is fighting. The lockdown, washing hands and social distancing is fine. However, the rest is wreck, but that was dead on arrival, because of the old problems. The old problems the President doesn’t want to fix, because he wants the donors to do that. Peace.

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