Opinion: Awaiting for the UPDF to shoot a hole in COVID-19

There are some stories you cannot make up, there is a supplementary budget for the COVID-19 or Coronavirus in the Republic. All over the world the nations are scrambling funds, throwing it into a basket and hoping it solves the crisis at hand. However, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have their solutions, it is the usual suspects, but also some new ones too.

Here is the breakdown from URN:

The Budget committee has made some adjustments to the supplementary budget for COVID-19 intervention.

Health 107 Bn from 62 Bn

Security 75 Bn from 81 Bn

ICT 6 Bn from 14 bn

Disaster remains at 59 Billion

KCCA has seen over 12 Bn cut of the 30 bn requested” (Uganda Radio Network, 02.04.2020).

Because, originally, the state planned to offer the most funds to Security, this meaning the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) or Uganda Police Force (UPF) would get a huge chunk of the funds. Which is still true, they are still billed with billions of shillings. The Ministry, which is the most vital are getting the most, his being Health. However, just about more than 30 billions shillings.

The Ministry of Health should have gotten even more. Especially since they need funds for testing, for treatment and for keeping the needed equipment across the Republic. That is not cheap. If the President complains about the cost of testing. He should worry about the costs of treatment, ICU beds and ventilators to keep people alive. Also, ensure UMEME and NWSC keep the electric and water going for the hospitals and everyone else. That should also be ensured by the state, as they need this to keep their hands clean and stay home.

We can just be sure the Police Officers will stay on the road-side, make road-blocks and the LDUs will be marching around. Soldiers will outside the barracks and if you offend the Don, they will shoot at someone. We anticipate more police brutality, even as some unlucky souls are trying to pass to get milk, matooke or help their kids as their home is empty of stocks in their pantry. However, the soldier will not care and show no mercy.

At some point, some will be so afraid to go out during the lockdown, even as their kids and relatives are sick with symptoms. That they will be beaten and under fire to try to pass to the next Health Care Centre or doctor in the near area. This wouldn’t be shocking, as the cars, the public is stopped from driving and they cannot hawk someone to drive them to the Hospital. No, they have to beg for mercy and hope the security isn’t beating them to pulp. Which we have seen to the unlucky brothers who are passing in the streets.

That is just the way it is. Peace.

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