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65 dollars and a dream: Mzee’s joke of an address

This is not a joke. This is a disease!”– President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Today, the Sixth (6th) National Address on the Coronavirus outbreak was supposed to clarify the misconceptions of the 5th National Address of yesterday. The President and his team surely promised a lot during the day. As there was unanswered questioned, however, the answers given is surely leaving for more clarifications tomorrow.

The President and his handlers has surely not prepared the man, neither has he used any of the hundred advisors he has on his payroll. Because, Don Wanyama or anyone else whose sort of savvy with media should know that today’s address was a shit-show.

He can talk about 24 hours making coordinating teams in the counties, putting stickers on cars and whatnot. However, he should have task-force putting these sort of things in place before speaking aloof about it on-air. It seems like his sudden genius spats out.

We also learn that food-donations are only supposed to go to the Task-Force, they are supposed to find the people who needs it and the ones seeking to give food to anyone is greedy for power. That is rich coming from someone who has lingered for power for over 34 years and had a bush-war in 1980s to usher him in. Nothing like hypocrisy from the man himself.

Also, him talking about the expenses of testing people, that it cost UDS $65 dollars and therefore, will not mass test. This shows that the President prefer not knowing and not spending, as the state are not valuing life. Life has less of a value than 65 dollars. That is how I am interpreting it. That he doesn’t see it fit, as he believes people could catch the disease later and therefore, give the wrong message. However, with that sense, he cannot find the source nor trigger the scale of how the spread is happening. Not giving the professionals the needed data to figure out how the spread is going. The limited testing will only give more questions and also whose not in the system.

The President has surely not done his job. That is why he has quotes like this: “The LCV who slapped the RDC is going to jail for slapping a Ugandan”. It is made for slapstick humour and edutainment. Since, his not making a good case, but instead just showing the public that his not taking the needed measures ahead of the lockdown. Because, would the person not gone to jail if he slapped a Kenyan? I am just wondering if there is a difference, if the person is not a citizen.

Well, I am anticipating another address again tomorrow. Because, there is a need for clarification of what happen today tomorrow. Since, there is more blurred lines now, even with Pharrell and Robert Thicke not in the mix.

The President has clearly lost the memo, if he had one before this address. This here was a mismatch, not reassuring nor addressing the default needed matters. More like a fanfare of quick fixes and micro-managing, which is this Presidents Modus Operandi. Secondly, he will not deliver food to the ones in need, just a brief few. Therefore, not follow up on the pledge of yesterday. People have to walk to shops and not use cars. They have to manage themselves and not get help in these trying time.

Mass testing is very expensive and also meaningless, I hear each test costs 65 USD. When you test 10 people that is 650 USD. You may be tested and you are fine today but tomorrow, you get exposed. It ’s better to only test with signs” – Museveni (31.03.2020).

Not that they matter anyway, the tests are to expensive for them to get tested. They are less valued than USD $65 dollars. That’s the biggest news from today for me. He rather not test people, than actually do it, because of the cost. This means he values people less and wants to save the money. Instead of making sure and secure the general public. Better to be in the dark, than shedding light on the matter.

That is why the President needs some guidance, especially if he cares about governing. Now his just a fussy leader whose not acting righteous, but that is not in him. Peace.

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