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Opinion: Orbán uses the Coronavirus like a true dictator

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party Fidesz of Hungary is using the Coronavirus or COVID-19 like the pawn they needed to take all power. This is using a crisis and pandemic to ensure they can silence the opposition, can stop the media from publishing and rule by decree.

Orbán has always dreamed of this. Surely, he never wanted to be questioned or be under fire. Orbán wants to be grand chief. That is why he used the Grand Coronavirus Law of 2020 to ensure that for him.

Because Orbán doesn’t have to care about elections. He can rule be decree and also have the ability to silence the media, “if they do fake-news or misinformation”. That is coded for the ones who is writing the wrong thing for Orbán and his allies. State of Emergency without any timeline. All of this is simple methods to hold power without any consequences.

PM Orbán is using the pandemic like a candy-store. He pick and mix all the positive things for himself and the Parliament in Hungary voted in favour of it. They gave the man unlimited powers, where he can order whatever he feels and act as a supreme overlord without any questions. The Parliament gave away oversight and control to one man.

Orbán can do whatever he wants now in Hungary. Budapest is his playground and he can enjoy all the perks. By decree he can reissue whatever he feels like and the Parliament cannot block it. The law and the COVID-19 was the needed crises for him.

Some say they expect him to be voted out by 2022. However, if you have given him this power now, what will stop him then? He has ruled already a decade and now gotten more power yesterday. What really stops him? Yes, it is wasn’t only Fidesz who gave him the votes yesterday. There was the votes of KDNP (Christian Democratic Party) and “Mi Hazank” Our Homeland Party who did so too.

This is unlimited powers by decree, suspending the powers of parliament and giving way to Orban. No matter what you think of that, its giving one man all control and do whatever he feels. This is trusting a whole state into one person and therefore, by all means be under his mercy and his will. Instead of checks and balances of power, he can act as he see fit and without anyone stopping him.

It can be revoked by the Parliament, when they see it fit. However, will they and at what interest do they have that? They have already given the powers to one man and unless there is a revolution, what should stop Orbán?

Orbán is a man of power and said if the EU couldn’t help in the crisis, at least not hinder him. This is defending himself and the Hungarians for giving him all power. Because, that rule be decree like a dictator is the only way out for these folks.

This is using a crisis for a self-interest and adding more powers for a small group of people. This is not new, but yet another government doing it. They are not even concealing it.Orbán might act aloof and act sincere, but its not believable. Since, he wouldn’t do this, if there wasn’t anything in return.

It is not Saint Orbán, but PM Orbán and his legislative effort to maximize control and amend laws in his favour. Peace.

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