Uganda: The Control of COVID-19 Rules – Important Notes from the Law

Now, the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng has put forward a text, which prescribe certain facts. Also, new measures, which should be given and made public. As this put a pre-text for how people need to revolve their lives and also what is at stake here. The implementation of it is important too. Not only making a fancy law.

This law makes it perfectly legal for medical officers to enter any premises in the Republic. They could so in search of COVID-19, as long as they have written instructions to do so.

What the President ordered of public gatherings is now put in print. This closing schools and institutions until 18th April 2020. Closing bars, cinema halls, churches, mosques, concerts, sports events and open air prayers until 16th April 2020. Marriage, weddings, vigils, funerals public meetings, including political rallies, conferences and cultural related meetings, until 18th April 2020. Also trading of live animals in designated areas for such by the local authority until 18th April 2020.

All of that is important. As this put in clear text and by law, what is legal sand such. Now, spitting in the public is illegal, near any public building or where the public has access. However, the law has no sanctions if they initially does so.

However, if you escape form the quarantine for COVID-19 or aides/facilitate a person to escape. This law clearly put in some jurisdiction and also legal basis for health care personnel.

Also, sets the boundaries for a “carrier” of COVID-19, who needs to notify the medical officers and what information the person has to give. Clearly, to able to track the spread and try to control it.

What we are not seeing is what more extension of the health care system, neither planned funds to up the ante. There are so many faulty things. This at least is a pick of a leaf from the Minister of Health Acheng and the Ministry of Health. That is positive, but not only a figment of hope. That is, if the state follows it up and make it possible for the Medical Officers to do so. Peace.

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