Sudan: PM Hamadok survives an assassination attempt

Today, a shocking report came from Khartoum, the technocratic Prime Minister handpicked from the Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FFC) Abdalla Hamadok was a target. The operation to assassinate him was in movement, but they failed. The convoy with the PM was hit and he escaped it all. However, this has backfired, as the public has chanted his name and supporting their PM.

Here is one report:

At 9.05am this morning, a stationary vehicle exploded, targeting a convoy of two hard skin Landcruiser’s carrying PM Hamdok as it was entering the Armed Forces Bridge, heading towards Khartoum. Initial reports suggest there were no deaths, and one minor injury”

The PM’s own statement after the fact:

I would like to assure the people of Sudan that I am safe and in good shape. Rest assured that what happened today will not stand in the way of our transition, instead it is an additional push to the wheel of change in Sudan” (Abdalla Hamadok, 09.03.2020).

Wife’s statement:

Muna Abdalla , the wife of Sudan’s PM saying : Hamdok has survived an assassination attempt.He is safe and not injured. The perpetrators of this cowardly act should know that there are one thousand Hamdoks to replace him . This revolution will not come to an end”

Demonstrations later in the day:

Sudanese people chanting after the failed assassination attempt “We would sacrifice our souls and blood for Hamdok!”.

There are speculations after the Sudanese Islamic Youth Movement posted on Facebook earlier in the day content, that they were behind the failed attempt. But no one has verified it and the content has been later deleted.

There are plenty of other speculations, even that someone from the Transitional Military Committee (TMC) is behind it all. Some even speculating if the Egyptians or Turkey’s involvement in it. However, that is just mere hearsay and cannot be taken for granted at this point.

We have no idea at this moment. If it will ever come out. There are enough henchmen from Al-Bashir past in the whereabouts to Gods know what sort of magic they posses. However, that will be mere speculation until something is present and evidence put forward. It wouldn’t be shocking if let’s say Hemiti or someone else like him would do this. To stage more power and weaken the FFC. Because, that is what the men like him does. Nevertheless, we don’t know and can only speculate.

What this shows, that the FFC in the Sovereign Council is fragile and not certain. That there are either people from the past Al-Bashir or anyone else waiting to strike. To show their force and also topple the current regime. Which hasn’t delivered it all for the revolution, but have a path to make from military to civilian government. One civilian happens to be Hamadok. Peace.

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