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FDC 15 Years Anniversary rally in Buikwe: Blocked like always! [Kato and Besigye arrested]

Police today impounded Dr Kizza Besigye’s car REG NO. UAN 661V ahead of the opposition leader’s anticipated visit to Njeru Municipality in Buikwe District. Dr Besigye was expected in Buikwe to address an FDC rally as part of the party celebrations to mark 15 years” (91.2 Crooze FM, 24.02.2020).

Dr. Kizza Besigye wasn’t allowed to get to te Buikwe district today. The Police Force was waiting from orders from above or the “Emperor”. While in Njeru Municipality the police force used tear-gas to disperse the public from being a part of the 15 Year Anniversary celebration there. The LDUs was also used to get the public away from the area.

The car of Besigye was impounded. However, David Kato the driver was arrested and is detained as we speak at Kayunga Police Station. We know that the rally didn’t appear or happen, because of the blocking of it from the Police Force. NBS Television have later reported that Besigye was whisked away from the area around Jinja to Nalufenya Police Station. Therefore, his in a familiar place, as it is not like he hasn’t been detained there before. He has spent plenty of hours in that prison.

This is just like every other 15 Year Anniversary rallies, they are blocked and met with police violence. Today was nothing new. Just another location. This is a continuation. A never ending battle between the FDC and the authorities. Peace.

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