Opinion: Bobi Wine will never meet all the requirements [to hold rallies or consultations]

Police have said Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine has not fulfilled all conditions to allow him consult voters about his presidential aspirations” (MAMA Bukedea FM, 24.02.2020).

Today, the Police Force have blocked his second round of Presidential Consultations, which the Presidential Aspirant have notified the authorities with earlier in the month. So, it was anticipated that the Police Force would block it. Which they have done and now seeing his not meeting all their condition.

I am sure they have to measure his dick-size, his voice-over on the microphones and possible if he has a fitted suit for the occasion. Because, there are just add-ons and add-ons, which seems to be taken out of nowhere. Like, I am sure they have to have a Presidential Envoy with a doctor, nurse, secretary and moving toilet like His Excellency. Maybe then the Presidential Aspirant is allowed to hold consultation meetings.

It is hard to take the authorities serious, when other candidates doesn’t get this treatment. Neither, does they ever do this to any National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate out there. Even when its months ahead of any Election Road Map from the Electoral Commission. Therefore, this is selective judgment.

Surely, Bobi Wine can forget to follow the rules, because the goal-post switches every day. Soon he has to beg CP Fred Enaga and IGP Okoth-Ochola to be allowed to meet people. It doesn’t matter if his allowed in the Constitution, neither if he has notified the authorities. There will always be an excuse. There is not toilets, there is not space for sniffer-dogs or whales to swim.

This is just targeted the big opposition leader, whose trying to collect people around him and also make his manifesto or campaign material with consultation. Mugisha Muntu, DP folks and others can do what they feel (except for the FDC( People’s Government affiliates). While People Power Movement and Bobi Wine cannot even stumble anywhere without tear-gear, havoc and blocked venues.

It is impossible for Bobi Wine to meet all the requirements of the state to hold public meetings nor consultations. Because, there is no will to allow him. They will find something or make something wrong. He just have to fart on Nile Avenue and the Black Mambas will show-up out of nowhere. That is just the way it is. Because, the state is willingly to do so. Not that its fair, justified or legally right. It is just misusing laws for their favour and not righteous at all.

The President and his “Yes Men” might grab their balls, grin and laugh at the State House. However, they are sore losers who cannot compete. They got to hold a tight grip of the state and lack tolerance for other views than the one vision of the “high above”. The President, if he thinks this is winning formula. His wrong, he might win with it, but he looks like dumb-fuck who only is savvy of oppressing dissidents, not speaking a sincere word out of his mouth.

What value does your liberation of 1986 have? When a fellow born in 1982 cannot even go outside his house or even try to campaign. What value does your 1995 constitution have when only one person can do stuff and the rest of the citizens have to beg to do so?

That is what we can ask now. Since the state doesn’t care. The Police Force is more online of political dissidents, than murderous gangs, hoodlums or actual criminals. They are more sophisticated in blocking public meetings, than catching thieves. Which should be there job. So, kudos to the President for his years of mismanagement. Peace.

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