Opinion: Ruto better stop his own reggae

If this story we are being told about ‘Nobody Can Stop Reggae’ is what we are seeing; the ethnicity that is being preached in BBI rallies and the ethnic profiling of communities, and the hate and campaign of one community against the other. If that is the Reggae they are talking about, my friend Reggae shall stop. We shall stop it,” – William Ruto on the 22nd February 2020 at the Full Gospel Gatunduri Church in Embu

Before I continue, let me go biblical on the man of supposed wisdom. A man who used his career. Called a kingpin and a hustler. Whose now the Deputy President, whose been seen as Presidential Aspirant for over a decade and is fishing for the next election. I need to drop a few words of wisdom form the bible. Before dropping a few small snippets of his past. Because, when he calls out the BBI Rallies. His not the figure to do so. I know his hurt the TangaTanga doesn’t have a part in it. But this is just insincere from the man.

How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye” (Luke 6:42, New International Version).

I am using the biblical reference for a reason, because there is little shown signs of hate speech or use of community against community. Something that Ruto was well aware of in the 2007 elections. However, he acts a fool now and tries to put that blame on others. Knowing well how that worked in the past.

His been considered the man in-charge of ODM “Pentagon” during the riots and demonstrations in the election cycle of 2007-08. Where his actions, coordination and everything sparked more violence and such. Not like he would state that at one point as he said this: “We are going to go on until Kibaki is gone,” said opposition politician William Ruto on Wednesday. “We are ready to die”. When addressing things like that. You can see, he got it in him if needed be. He can send out warnings, but it seems for a selfish act, than sincere care. 

From 2007:

Hon William Ruto MP, Eldoret North Constituency, Minister Planning, incitement, and financing the violence. In August 2007 he held a meeting with other senior ODM leaders in Kipkelion near Kericho including Sotik MP the late Lorna Laboso , the late Kipkalia K. Kones (Bomet), Kiprono L. J. Magerer (Kipkelion) , and Franklin Bett (Bureti) where the leaders resolved to carry out mass evictions of non Kalenjins from ‘their’ Rift Valley areas, particularly the Kikuyu and Abagusii. During an opening ceremony for the Seventh Day Adventist Church in a place called Mailing, he is alleged to have said that they would uproot the “sangari”, ‘shake off the soil’, ‘gather it together’ and ‘burn it’, in reference to ‘outsider’ communities”.

Therefore, he should look into himself and his own history before putting blame on the BBI. The BBI is something I don’t believe in, but that is whole another reasons than Ruto. He is just using this ploy, because his not apart of it. He is on the outside looking in, which is funny considering his the second in command. While his former party leader Raila Odinga has more of a key role in that.

Clearly, that hurts his pride. However, he cannot stop the Reggae, but he could participate. Instead of being so condensing. Which he does with spite, because that is what he has. Ruto should take it easy. He should chill out, maybe pray for his old sins before casting a stone. Even try take away his own plank in his eye.

But don’t anticipate that. The hustler doesn’t envision any soul searching. Only a twisted mind-frame for his own selfish cause. Peace.

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