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South Sudan: Today we celebrate the R-TGoNU [after that we need to give them time to work things out]

Well, the celebrations and the praises has been spread around as today on the 22nd February 2020 the Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) are inaugurated, as yesterday the decrees was put out and the people from all the various of fraction accordingly to the Revitalized Agreement for a Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) of 2018.

So, today is a big day. Only four short years of the last inauguration of the Transitional Government of National Unity on the 26th April 2016. Therefore, this time its even more dire to set the record straight, compromise and ensure the prolonged peace. As the last endeavour opened up new wounds and battles between the rebels and the government. Which is today putting all that behind to form the R-TGoNU.

What is happening today is a big feat, it is something that should be celebrated and give hope. Even as bloated as the cabinet is and that there are 5 Vice-Presidents. Still, if that what it takes to have peace. Let it be and then change the system later on. Configure the Parliament and the Cabinet as deemed fit over time. This is a transitional government and that has to work out all the obstacles ahead and also work together to build the Republic.

The cabinet is filled 35 ministers and 10 deputies. All shared across the board. Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – In Government (SPLM-IG) have 20 ministers and 5 deputies. Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – In Opposition (SPLM-IO) have 9 ministers and 3 deputies. South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) have 3 ministers and 1 deputy. Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – Former Political Detainees (SPLM-FDs) have 2 ministers and Other Political Parties (OPP) have one minister.

Plus the cabinet, the National Assembly will be filled with 550 Members of Parliament. Clearly have a big representation from across the 10 states with the 10 governors and three administrators of the three special administrative areas. We can see there is a lot people gaining and getting positions out of it.

Hopefully that buys peace. Buy time and also get them all to work together towards a common goal. That they implement protocol and structures, that they are leaving egos behind and try to finds ways for lasting peace. The TGoNU of 2016 went into a blister, but we can hope this doesn’t happen now in 2020. Because, its the same gentlemen in power of the biggest outfits. They know the cost and troubles ahead.

The parties, the stakeholders and the international community have to support all efforts. Even if they are going slow. Because, it is better like this, than the prospects of another civil war. Which will only create more havoc and suffering. More pain and lack of a good government for the citizens, as the battlefields and the guns blazing will overtake the society again.

The gentlemen in power. Need to talk, sit down and work things out. This being President Salva Kiir, but also Dr. Riek Machar, all the Vice-Presidents and the whole cabinet. They are forced to work together and find a way for a better tomorrow.

Today is the day to celebrate, but also to give them time. Even if they had a long time getting here. Because, they need it and the public has to see it. Since, if they are forced to quickly and disagreeing. These men are used to take it to the field, instead of negotiating. That is why they need new methods and new measures to secure a peaceful outcome. Where they are not promoting war-games, but instead building the state together. Peace.

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