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Sudan: Fresh protests escalates as the TMC promotes itself, while revolutionary officers get dismissed!

In Khartoum today, the people again went to the streets to demonstrate. Because, the Sovereign Council has decided to retire the army officials who was in support of the revolution last year. The Transitional Military Council (TMC), the armed wing of the transitional government have decided to purge the army and also elevate itself. This causes outrage, as this is yet another soft takeover and not a promising step towards a civilian government, which was the whole idea behind the revolution in the first place.

Today, the authorities have used live bullets, violence and massive amount tear-gas to rid of the new surge of revolutionaries in the streets. Also, injuries are being made to the civilians and again random arrests of the ones protesting. Surely, this is back ot the old days.

The news that sparked this:

In a statement released on Tuesday, the army spokesman Amer Mohamed al-Hassan said the retirees’ list has been done with high professionalism” His statement was published after the circulation in the social media of three separate lists seen by Sudan Tribune with “top secret” including 15 sub lieutenants, 29 lieutenant commanders and 35 colonels. Among the 15 sub-lieutenants appears the name of Mohamed Siddiq Ibrahim Ahmed, who was the first military officer to join the protesters outside the army headquarter during the first week of April before al-Bashir’s ouster” (Sudan Tribune – ‘Sudanese army retires junior-rank officers’ 18.02.2020).

While that has happen. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) of the Sovereign Council has promoted themselves. On the 19th February 2020, this was reported:

Former head of General Intelligence Agency (GIS) Abubaker Damblad has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

Member of the Sovereignty Council, Yassir Al-Atta has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

Member of the Sovereignty Council, Shams El-Deen Al-Kabashi has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

Head of the General Intelligence Agency (GIS) Jamal Abdelmajeed has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

Head of the Sovereignty Council, Abdulfatah Al-Burhan has been promoted to Marshal.

This is surely again a sign of troubling time ahead. As the TMC wing of the Sovereign Council have been working to consolidate power. They wouldn’t have done that this way, if they didn’t believe they could sustain it now. The agreement of the trial period of three years would give the TMC time to change and also get more power by softly making decisions. Which they have now done by getting rid of the ones who supported the revolution. While promoting the ones whose loyal to the new leadership and who will follow Al-Burhan. That is the message of the acts made.

This is why people are going into the streets, as the revolution wasn’t made for the army and their ranks, but for the public and their will for a civilian government. Seems like the TMC forgot that piece of information or neglected it. Because, power is enticing and rewarding. Peace.

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