Opinion: Bobi Wine needs his own way

There are some wrangles inside the Democratic Party, where both Members of Parliament loyal to Norbert Mao and others whose siding with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine are fighting. They are battling over the Presidency of DP and also whose the man being the Presidential Candidate on the DP Party Ticket.

However, as the People Power Movement (PPM) is a pressure group. It is not an formal political party, neither is registered as that. The membership there are from various of parties and from all walks of life. Therefore, Bobi Wine can spread the message of change and “People Power, Our Power” as he deems fit.

That is why the recent week is special, as Mathias Mpuuga MP has claimed the People Power being a baby of the DP. While the PPM haven’t addressed this nor said anything. Just like it didn’t address the bastard child allegation of defiance and Dr. Kizza Besigye from Andrew Mwenda. I’m sure that if Bobi Wine would address this, he would say its his own and his nobodies baby. But inspired by several of people, who has fought dictatorship and defied it.

That is why there are more into this, as the DP and the DP Block trying to find relevance. As there are internal squabble, as some people have lost faith in Mao and others want to try other ways. That is not strange, as Mao went all behind Amama Mbabazi in the previous race and that went horrible. Now Amama is cosying up to Mzee and left all his allies in Opposition behind.

That Bwanika and Mabikke doesn’t have the structures nor the following, they were on-man parties and could be deemed as brief-case parties by some. That they joined Mao doesn’t make it a power move, but more a consolidation of former DP’s. In this way, combined with the work of Alliance for National Transition (ANT)’s Mugisha Muntu, the move of also getting Bobi Wine would be to have another IPC or TDA into the 2021 elections.

That is giving way to President Museveni and his camp. Instead of selling more visions and showing more expression of will of change. The Opposition would trade it all and only look hungry for power. Which it shouldn’t be. They should look a viable difference and someone who has an idea for what is up next post-Museveni.

In this regard, Bobi Wine doesn’t need the DP ticket. He shouldn’t vie for the DP ticket, that would trade his difference and make him a stooge of Mao. Bobi Wine doesn’t want to be knock-off Mao. He needs his own way and continue to walk alone in alliance as the PPM. The PPM can work with the DP, but shouldn’t be indirectly inside it. Neither, should the PPM be a part of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) or anyone else. The PPM should work with them and find a common ground, but not be solidify their ticket with them. Then the Opposition is trading away their viable candidates and their messages to send to the NRM.

Bobi Wine can be in association, but he should trade away his significant platform for the DP. The DP should send Mao or whoever the delegates deems fit for the Presidential Elections in 2021. Unless, they are going behind someone else like they did in 2016.

Time will tell, but Bobi Wine shouldn’t involve himself to much with the DP and work with his own thing. There is where hope lays. Not playing second fiddle, something he shouldn’t do at this point. Unless, he doesn’t believe in his own cause. Then he can just be another pawn in the game of chess. Peace.

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