Opinion: Is Bobi Wine banned from the public?

Well, why do I ask? Well, yesterday at a thanksgiving ceremony in Kasanda North. Robert Kyagulanyi MP aka Bobi Wine was not allowed to participate or to hold a speech. As he was invited by the son-of-the deceased Patrick Nsamba MP. The DPC pleaded the People Power MP and his associates to leave. Before he teargassed the venue and ordered anyone to leave. Even grabbed the microphone from the public and promised to shoot if people didn’t leave.

That is the state of affairs within the Republic. As a Presidential Candidate whose not allowed to consult, speak nor hold concerts. Bobi Wine is practically blocked from his profession, his possible outlet of political activism and as a person, which freedom of speech is silenced.

The People Power Movement is stifled at any given day. The Police Force is there, ready, set and armed to harm and to violate people. They are doing it for “security”, but more as a brutal force to stop him from speaking and engaging the crowds.

Now, he wasn’t allowed to participate and be a part of a thanksgiving ceremony, which he was invited too. That is how petty, how belittling the state is. There is no boundaries to these sort of efforts. Where the man got to be silenced.

That’s why there needs soon to be a amended law, which states: “Thus from this date … … the ones associated with People Power Movement, Robert Kyagulanyi and et all; Are though not allowed to participate, be in public nor able to function as viable citizens. As they are a threat, a terrorist organization and hoodlums, which from now on. Shall only be allowed to certain limited freedom, which entails eating in own homes, be in office and within smallest margins of the population. Thus not generate crowds, processions and other public functions, which gathers more than three people at any given time”.

Because, if the state did that. It would be sincere. Not that it would be any good. Not that it would be justified, but by its actions towards the man and his associates. It would make sense. As the President can be gallivanting where-ever he may please, do whatever sort of public stunt and rally without any consideration in the world. While Bobi Wine cannot even look at a public venue, before seeing the Police and their orders from “high above”.

I would wish this was joke, but this is serious. This is how severe things are. That there is no escape from the madness and the toils of the police. They go these steps to silence someone. They have done this to others in the past and continues to harm them as well. But the big-man of the hour is Bobi Wine. Peace.

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