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Burundi: Ndayishimiye as a Presidential Candidate is a bad-sign ahead

said this to the UN Agents, looking them straight in the eye: you wanted to deploy MAPROBU to come and kill us. This force will not beat us, if they come I know we will defeat them in three hours … We must know that it is time to drive out all the demons that have infiltrated Burundi. God is with us, we will fight all demons. They will be exterminated and Burundi will develop”Evariste Ndayishimiye (SOS Burundi – ‘Quarterly report on the situation of human rights in Burundi July 1 to September 30, 2017’ October 2017).

Evariste Ndayishimiye is now the apparent heir of the CNDD-FDD and the next up-coming President in Burundi. After three terms of Pierre Nkurunziza. A man whose legacy and time will be deemed with the blood on his hands. Now, the CNDD-FDD is handpicking a man whose mission has been to do the duty of Nkurunziza.

General Ndayishimiye has been in CNDD-FDD since 1995. He came from the Parti pour la Libération du Peuple Hutu-Forces Nationales de Libération (Palipehutu-FNL). A party that has later changed name and is now the only the FNL. A party that he has later done what he could to eliminate together with other strong men in the appointed cabinet of Nkurunziza.

Gen. Ndayishimiye, the Secretary General of CNDD-FDD and former Minister of Interior, whose been in-charge of the Operation “Safisha”, which is Kiswahili for “to clean”. The mission was also to directly assassination of the FNL President. Also, getting rid of the opposition, which were former Ex-Fab and FNL activists.

So, giving him the role now. Will show how not only the militarised CNDD-FDD continues to spread its message with force. But, how they intend to continue their purge. As his known as a hard-liner. A man whose has no issue to use militarised methods to get his way.

The man the CNDD-FDD Secretary General written this: “As for the Burundians, thirsty for power, who let themselves be led by the neo-colonialists who seek to destroy the independence and dignity of the Burundian people in order to achieve their ends, the CNDD-FDD Party recommends that they recapture themselves and join the bandwagon towards the 2020 elections” (Ndayishimiye – ‘Statement of the CNDD-FDD party on the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Ndadaye Melchior’ 20.10.2018).

We know his well known for this as his been nicknamed the “terminator”. For his will of using the police, the army and Imbonerakure to get rid of FNL and Ex-Fab in Burundi. The General knows this and has tried to downplay it. Even as there is weekly people getting abducted, killed and suddenly gone missing.

Gen. Ndayishimiye who has been a loyal general to the President said this before the polls on the latest referendum in 2018: “Anyone who votes No will be a traitor, bought and paid for by white colonizers, They’re enemies of the country. They’re even devils, because voting No will bring a curse” (Ndayishimiye, 2018).

If he feels that way about people voting now to a legislation giving Nkurunziza the possibility of a fourth term. What would he say, if it matters to his own self? Wouldn’t he call them traitors and scum, if they don’t vote for him?

When its that easy to call people enemies. Make secret coded operations to get rid of enemies. That sort of man is dangerous. His dangerously enough in the high ranking position his in now and with his place in the Council among the President. However, now he’ll get even more power.

Don’t expect anyone to dare to insult the CNDD-FDD. Who has used force to say in power. Who has silenced critics and by any means staying in power. His a loyalist to Nkurunziza. So, expect him to hold him in high regard and still play after his time in office.

However, it isn’t a paradigm shift to pick Gen. Ndayishimiye, it is more of the same and possibly amping up the violence even more. Maybe even striking harder down on dissidents and not letting them go. As he will target the enemies of the state and the CNDD-FDD. With all means at his disposal. Don’t expect silencing of the guns, but more of them.

The military wing of CNDD-FDD has gotten their man. This will be bloody. The ones calling him moderate is out of line. The man who was in-charge of cleaning up and assassinations. His not moderate, but a killer in a suit.

Future His Excellency, but don’t expect the CNDD-FDD to change their ways of operations. Just more bloodshed and more constrained political space in the mercy of a Evariste. This here is not good news, but a future with more hostile behaviour from the state. Peace.

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