Not Breaking News: NRM Declares Museveni as sole candidate for 2021

This is not a joke, but the National Resistance Movement – Central Executive Committee and the Delegates have decided that the President since 1986 is the natural candidate in the up-coming election of 2021. Not that this is shocking. This is a pattern, a long pattern, that goes decades now.

If the NRM had said someone else would stand in his place. That would have been actual news and caused a stir. If the NRM had chosen someone else than Museveni it would been interesting. However, that is not possible. The Party is Museveni and they all have to follow him. If it is to greatness or to the abyss. They will follow him like blind sheep.

If Yoweri Kaguta Museveni would have had his will. Surely, he would just have held “non-democratic elections” like in 1996 or Resistance Council Elections of 1989. Because, then he would nominate the closest leadership and nominees. While securing them in, without the hassle of questions, campaigning or even pledge anything to the public. Regardless, he will be in power and the wasted campaigning will just be an expensive shindig.

That is why his own party isn’t even holding delegates and a secret ballot of whose becoming the party presidential flag-bearer. As his the automatic candidate, just like several of other loyalists, whose will stand in constituencies without anyone opposing them. The NRM is built around one man and his vision. Even if that vision by this point is very blurry, because its not like he stands for anything else than being in power.

Museveni and the NRM might play this for propaganda. They might play this as a sign of victory and greatness. That one man got the ability, but at what price? How can he be such a good leader, when he never could groom an successor? When he hasn’t ushered in the next generation?

This man is closer to the coffin, than to become a legend. Museveni military grip, eaten the whole state apparatus and micro-managing will haunt the state. The ones behind will say its fine, but they will be proper game the day his left the building. Even if they act like his going to be there forever. He will not, he might fall like Gadaffi, he might fall like Mugabe or even Al-Bashir. Nevertheless, he will not fall by the ballot or an election. There he will win by the hook or the crook.

So, that Museveni as a Sole Candidate is the norm. It is the fashion of our times. Not that its right. It shows the flawed centralized system within the NRM and how the government itself operates. That’s why its not breaking news, it is expected and written in a stone in the Luweero Triangle. If not its carved in the bushes around Rwakitura farm. Maybe, even written with lipstick on the forehead of Janet. Because why not?

This is not like it was a secret, a big revelation. An epiphany…. No, no, this is just as expected that rain in rainy season. Like the sun showing up in the morning. Like smelling coffee in a coffee shop. There is nothing special, unique about today.

The man that’s been running the republic since 26th January 1986 becoming the sole candidate in his party on the 25th January 2020. Is expected, because his shown not a single sign of retirement. Other than lying a few times about in the past. Promising to step down, but that’s never happening. Always another cause to save, but it needs his saving grace.

Whose his kidding right?

The Only Man With A Vision, the man of the mustard seed. His surely lost his marbles and we all know that his not the only man who has the ability to run the Republic. There are plenty of others who could do so, but they never get to try. Because, the S-O-L-E Candidate is in their way. Peace.

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