Opinion: VP Chiwenga Bitch-Slapped by the High Court

Today was a day of reckoning for the Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga who has trouble with his estranged wife. This being Mary Mubaiwa or Mary Chiwenga. Who has gone from being a bed-mate to brutal divorce.

Today in High Court, she has redeemed herself. Won the rights to the house, the luxurious car and the kids. The VP has to leave the premises and let her be. In mid-December 2019, the VP and his cronies was able to put her behind bars. Now, she has won in Court, a mere moth later. That is redemption and brutal bitch slap towards the all powerful VP.

The General, who has intervened in the proceedings with soldiers and whatnot. Intimidated the former wife and has been able to cause a lot of trouble for Mary. Now, bloody Mary have overcome the General and VP to humiliate him.

VP Chiwenga cannot be proud. His not allowed to interfere in the Orchid Gardens, neither touch her Toyota Lexus, Mercedes Benz S400 and Mercedes Benz E350 Black. All of them is for her to keep.

We can hope that the General have learned that your not using the army to settle, either personal or civilian matters. However, don’t expect him to learn. His not used at loosing. Anticipate more stuff in the coming time. This is not the end. His humiliated and lost in Court. He will retaliate. This man doesn’t accept things like this and will not let this be the final outcome.

VP Chiwenga will use his influence and ensure more trouble for Mary. Just like he did in December 2019. Especially, since she hurt his pride in the Courts today. The blind and naïve will think otherwise, but his a conning man. He will think of the long-con.

What is really striking here is that the General used the army and soldiers to settle matrimonial dispute. He thought this was a battlefield to take trained soldiers, to secure the well-being and shield his kids. That is what is really unique about this man. He used soldiers to settle grievances.

If he does this for his own kids, what will he not do to settle disputes across the country? What will be his response to anything, when he does this in his on matrimonial home?

Just think about that for a second and then you see what I see. Peace.

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