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Opinion: My flawed thoughts on the possible retirement President Nkurunziza

There is some new strange movements in concern of the “imboneza yamaho” or the Eternal Leader. Who was crowned that in March 2018. Now in January 2020 the Parliament have a draft legislation, where President Pierre Nkurunziza will be crowned the Paramount leader, Champion of Patriotism and Leadership Core.

Other than that, the President is supposed to get a retirement package of 1 Billion Burundian Francs or $550k United States Dollars. Also, the same benefits as the Vice-President for Life. That is a huge salary, also provide him housing as well. Therefore, he will never live in poverty like most of his citizens. But instead living a lavish lifestyle, which he surely got accustomed to in the three terms as President.

Now, the Eternal Leader, the Paramount Leader and the Champion of Patriotism and Leadership Core is supposed to step-down. That is the mightiest man in the Republic. Now suddenly he will back-down and be a silent soul. Surely, a man like that will return, if not control it from the back-room.

A man that has used force to get into power, a man that has gotten rid of his enemies. Rewritten the Constitution to fit him. Its hard to see him stepping down. If he does so, there will be some sort of function, where he will work and use his influence. Because, he might do like Kabila, run the Ruling Party and seal the deals from afar. While a President is his puppet. That wouldn’t be shocking in CNDD-FDD. As Nkurunziza has used all tools to get power and stay.

So, with this in mind. I wonder how long the retirement would be or if he would accept it. This seems like a play for the facade and let it go. Unless, he plans to do a Putin, be gone for one term and re-return after. Putin became Prime Minister, but Nkurunziza could pull of the same. Especially, since his leadership has praised like God like by the ones close in association to him.

Even if President Nkurunziza doesn’t go to the elections this year. Expect him to suddenly appear. That wouldn’t be shocking. It would be expected, because people like him doesn’t just go away. Since he has fatally gotten rid of so many people.

The blood is on his hands and that is his legacy. Not the titles or the time in office. The stains will be with him forever. Peace.

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