Zimbabwe: Constitutional Amendment No. 2 is a ballad of love to the President

Too much power in one mans hands

Is dangerous

She has never tasted freedom

And all the things

We take for granted

Then she looked at me and said

Son, Is this the end of our suffering?”Lucky Dube – ‘Is This Freedom?’ from ‘Soul Taker’ released: 2001.

The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and President Emmerson Mnangagwa is planning to control more and consolidate more power in the Head of State and the party itself, as they have gazetted the Constitutional Amendment No. 2. It is really a sad reading, as the intent is clear. To give even more power to the President.

They want the President to appoint the two Vice-Presidents and not have a “running mate” in the elections. That the Vice-President will be chosen by the President and appointed by him. Taking away the need for a VP in the elections. Also, giving the authority and the team around more directly taken from the President.

Just like the President can with the change of another clause, be able to appoint 7 Ministers outside of the Parliament, instead of 5, which is limited today. Making more way for possible cronies and loyalists from the outside.

Also, giving the President the authority to appoint vacant judges without public interview procedure. Even if he has to this through Judicial Service Commission (JSC), it still not stopping him from having more power and getting his people easily appointed without the public mechanisms, which was there before.

By just seeing these provisions or clauses in the Constitutional Amendment No. 2. says a lot about what the President and his men wants. This is to consolidate more power to the President and give him power to whose succeeding him and whose his “mates”. This is one more step for a one-man show.

I don’t even need to study the Amendment hard. The focus is clear. Give more power, get more cronies and ensure the judicial appointments are hand-picked by the President. There is nothing else too it.

So, if the Parliament votes this in, then they are all loyal minions of the President and wants to give him power. Because, they hope in the end, they will be compensated for doing so. If they go against him here, he will surely make these people suffer some way or another. Don’t expect him to give them peace of mind, if they don’t give him this.

The public should be worried about clauses in the Constitution, because it gives the President extended powers. It gives him more freedom and liberty to hire his people. He has less public scrutiny. That is a worrying sign. Not like the ZANU-PF is really tested in Parliament, but there was provisions showing something to the public before they we’re appointed.

I cannot see any provision made for the betterment of the Republic, only to empower the President. Nothing else. Peace.

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