Sudan: Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change – Red Sea Press – Statement (02.01.2020)

Clashes erupted after a fight that took place on Thursday, January 2, in the main market (Port Sudan), in which the victim was killed and the perpetrator was kept by the regular forces.

As a result of these clashes, varying injuries resulted in the transfer of some of the injured to various state hospitals, which have reached to date:
81 cases, 23 injuries yesterday
And 58 injuries are different today
And number 9 deaths

The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change held a direct meeting this afternoon with the mandate of the mandate of the Red Sea in charge of which I discussed:
– The importance of the deployment of security forces in the seam areas, according to information received from the field action committee of the Forces for the Freedom and Change Declaration _ the Red Sea and official reports to address security gaps in specific areas.
– The necessity of issuing a press statement from the police press office containing details of the incident and the investigation process so far.

The necessity for the regular forces to play their role in maintaining security without failure. We call upon our people in the Red Sea to show the utmost restraint, to raise the voice of reason and to miss the opportunity for stalkers who seek to ignite the fire of strife.  Mercy for the victims, solace and the most sincere sympathy for their families and urgent recovery for the wounded.

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