Zimbabwe: Short journey from being the Second Lady of the Republic to become a jailbird!

In Harare and in Zimbabwe these days, you got stay loyal to the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and not sway away from the ones running the country. In this regard, the former second lady, the estranged and planning divorce, Mary Mubaiwa is now under scrutiny and legal jeopardy.

Certainly, the ex-model and former chairperson of Miss Zimbabwe Trust knows what is at stake. Because, when big-men fall, they fall hard. She was involved in a marriage to the Vice-President and former Army Commander Constantino Chiwenga. That is not just a random high ranking official, that is one of the great henchmen of the Robert Mugabe Era and his presence still commands authority to this day. Even if the health of Constantino has been failing and his shape isn’t as strong as it used too be. After months away in China for health care treatment for his illness(es).

With that in mind, the fall from grace is of huge gravitas. Just like the ZANU-PF raiding and taking away farms and estates from the Mugabe family. The ZANU-PF and their authorities are now retaliating against Mary Mubaiwa, the former wife of Chiwenga. Because she dared to leave him.

Already, Constantino married his second wife, while leaving his first one Jocelyn, who sued him back in 2012. Therefore, this sort of legal drama around his marriages isn’t new. But then it was a woman scorned retaliating against him. While there is also speculations, that Mary never really was divorced from the marriage too, when she married the Army Commander. Which makes the second divorce of both them look weird in itself. That a high ranking official, who supposed to gain trust and show grace. However, this is just foul play by all parties.

Now, Mary has several counts of exporting currency, fraud and money laundering. The memo for 14th December 2019 is already online and it’s devastating. Well, surely like in the past, Chiwenga can gag the media in a court order if he likes. He did that in 2012 and certainly can accomplish the same thing again. Maybe his not as strong or have the ability to land another dime now. That’s why his retaliating now, instead of it being the wife.

Because, of the power of the VP and his role within the army, he could get this done. He could investigate and find questionable actions done. However, she was surely doing this all under his roof. So, it is not like she did it as a ghost and secret. Mary did it all while in the arms and around the VP. Even as he was gone for a few months, they were surely talking and communicating. Not like he would not talk to his wife from China would be surreal.

There are also rumours and speculations, that she tried to poison him and also unplugged the oxygen, when he was seriously ill. While there been also reports earlier in the year, that she have kids, whose DNA tests proves those were not of Chiwenga, but from another father. Meaning, she cheated during the marriage with him. Also, speculation that Chiwenga is trying to get back his first estranged wife, who now lives in Luton, United Kingdom. We don’t know if that is true.

There are also rumours that Chiwenga himself ordered the arrest yesterday after a hostile family meeting on Friday. Certainly, he knew how to pin charges and create a legal jeopardy for someone. This been done before and now its Mary turn. As she hasn’t complied to what Constantino was looking for.

What we are seeing is a second marriage falling apart for two people. They are both in power, they have money and mansions, they have riches, but they don’t have happiness. It cannot be ideal, when the material wealth means more than the care for each other.

Constantino was married to marry over 8 years. In questionable way, where he scorned his ex-wife, who even fled Zimbabwe. While Mary left the ex-footballer, who was playing in Cyprus at the time, who claimed they we’re not divorced at the time she married Chiwenga. The same claim, the ex-wife had about Chiwenga. Clearly, the shaking up was a quick-fix and a rush of both parties.

We are now seeing dirty laundry for the second time in the career of General Chiwenga. He has been able to destroy both of his marriage. The first one, most likely because of greener pastures with a ex-model. The other is destroyed, because his not getting what he likes. This is certainly not how it supposed to be. Not that Mary is innocent, she knew what she was getting into and if some of the rumours are true. Than, she has acting evil against her husband. Which is not right against anyone, not even the henchmen of tyrants and big-men of ZANU-PF who has no disregard for human rights violations. They do it every time they can.

Chiwenga only does this to show, that he can either make you or break you. Mary Mubaiwa, if she has broken the law, than she should carry for those sins. But if these are pinned on her, because she humiliated and enraged the General, than its all wrong. Chiwenga should also carry himself differently, as he has now lost two woman. While being in power and having the ability to be a good husband. Instead, his greed and his own ego has overpowered him.

The ZANU-PF government is rotten, just like the marriages of Chiwenga. They are just a microscope of what this government represent. If he can arrest his own wife, who he plans to divorce. Than, you know he can go against anyone. Surely, this hurt his pride, but his own conduct in getting to the second one was foul play. He knows this and Jocelyn knows this.

When you have rigged yourself, at one point the house of cards will fall. In this regard, the ex-model and former second lady of the Republic is now detained and behind bars. Mary certainly didn’t think this was her way.

However, she should have looked at everything happening to Grace Mugabe. Than, she would have learned and taken a lesson. Instead, she is now played and losing both the wealth of the General and also the privileges of elite. She’s now more alone and has to hope the appointed government judges doesn’t drop her to rot on the charges. Peace.

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