Nantaba MP terrible year: What about Robert?

Aidah Nantaba MP was sacked as State Minister for ICT on 14th December 2019. She was appointed first on the 6th June 2016. The Kayunga Woman MP, she’s been an MP since 2011 and was involved in bribing and scamming herself into a second term in 2015. Therefore, even with her close association with the State House. She has ruffled some feathers of late and was now dropped by the President.

During 2019 things has started to unravel for her. She’s faked an assassination plot, which the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecution have already dropped. Still, the actions made by her and her security guards will be remembered, as the citizen Robert Ssebulime was killed on the streets on Kampala on the 24th March 2019.

That fatal march day has haunted her, even as the Public Prosecution or the Authorities has dropped the case in September 2019. Still, that doesn’t mean the case is solved or the remaining criminal affair is gone away. It is just that for now, the state hasn’t acted upon it or haven’t investigated it, because of her association with the State House.

However, her star is dimming, the MP is still a representative in the 10th Parliament, but she’s not a State Minister. Neither does she has the trust of the President. That’s why she’s dropped, after the crying out against the mafia wanting her dead. While there was only a citizen loosing his life, because he crossed the path of the MP.

That Robert haven’t been answered for, that the MP faked an assassination story and gotten away with it. Is one of the worst stories of 2019. Since, the MP knows this and she has to live with this. Even if she’s never has to answer for the bullets nor the acts made by her guards. Aidah should know that his blood will always stain her.

Not the talk on TV about a deep state Mafia. Not the talk of fear and lack of trust. That will not be remembered in the same regard as the killings of innocent civilian on the 24th March 2019. Yet another fatality of the high ranking officials, that will never get an answer too. There are plenty more Robert’s, but they are not directly connected with Aidah. Still, they shall not be forgotten either. They all deserve justice, no matter what.

That Aidah Nantaba, the MP was axed from Cabinet now is bittersweet, it should have been the moment she lied and faked an assassination plot. The moment she continued the negative spiral and tried to make Robert into a villain, when her guards was the ones firing arms. Still, to this day the reality remain unresolved and no one has answered for his death.

That’s why I don’t feel sorry that she’s dropped and gone. However, with the knowledge that she was shady in 2015 to get through Primaries. Nantaba would do the same in 2020, as she is ready for a third term as an MP. She knows that her crimes isn’t touched, as she’s still apart of government and has machine behind her. Even as has been dropped for now.

Not like that has stopped anyone before, she’s dropped now, but might get an appointment in 2021. Don’t be shocked. This is just a hope that people forget Robert, before hiring this “Young Turk” again. Peace.

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