Opinion: Onek warns NRM supporters, but he should have warned the authorities!

Politics of violence will not take the country forward but back to the pre-colonial times and the country will be reminded of dictatorial regimes of past leaders. NRM government has done many good things for Ugandans and there should be no panic or worry about any Opposition politician because what the NRM government has done speaks volumes” – Hilary Onek

Let me be perfectly clear, the message of Hilary Onek MP and Minister is good in one way, but his target is the wrong people. The supporters of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) isn’t known for violence. It is the ones the NRM and the government hires to their bidding, which is violent.

The MP and minister should warn the Police Force, the Flying Squad, the CMI, ISO and the Army. The Special Force Command and everyone else involved in during the Election Road Map and the Campaigning of everyone. Those are the ones who attacks, use live-bullets, arbitrary arrests and tear-gas. This is known and is the Modus Operandi of the state.

Expect like during the 2016, the Local Defence Units (LDUs) will act like the Crime Preventers did back-then. They will intimidate and follow the opposition. The Police Force will monitor, close rallies and silence the opposition parties. They will hurt, damage, destroy and skirmish, in and around opposition rallies and consultation meetings. That is common practice. They will send police to raid party offices and confiscate electronic devices and documents. That is just what the government does.

So, Onek should have gone after the authorities, the law-enforcement and the ones ordering them around. They are the ones doing the election violence, the ones who uses brutal force against civilians. That is well known, but seemingly not addressed. Because, then he would challenge the State House and the “Orders from Above”. No one seriously inside the NRM would do that, then you end up like a rebel and get whipped out like some cold coffee.

Onek is right, but also wrong. Violence is no good. But, this regime is known for it. It is known for ordering violence and arrests on the opposition. It is known for using illegal means of silencing the opposition, while charging the opposition for any kind of crime in the book. That is just what it does to stay in power.

If Onek was right, he would have warned the authorities, but he doesn’t, he warns the civilians standing behind the banner of the party. The ones that has joined the bus. That they have to act careful and kindly, as they have done so much since 1986. So, they got nothing to worry about. Alas, that is not the case, but the ones we should worry about is the authorities and the law-enforcement. They are the one coming with the violence. Especially in a election season. Peace.

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