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Opinion: Museveni trying to reformulate his 1990s magic with the East African Federation

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have now launched his consultation of a constitution for the East African Federation from the current day East African Community. He has just given the chairmanship to Rwanda. As he trouble with neighbours and the EAC is already failing in between themselves. Instead of finding solutions between the trade-issues of Tanzania and Kenya. The border points between Kenya and Uganda. The Ugandan-Rwandan tensions, which they have already postponed to fix. Also, the questionable activity between the Rwanda and Burundi. All of these has to be answered, before these Republic’s tries to become one.

The only reason why Museveni wants this is to save his legacy and become an Pan-African Legend. Someone who wasn’t only a rebel, warlord and self-styled President for life. But he also consolidated the power of East Africa. Museveni wants to be bigger than Uganda.

That’s why he wants to form the East African Federation. Not because his wishes to make things better, but because he wants to taste more of the possible trade-offs in the other republics. He has eaten most of his life from the state there and now wants more things to pocket. That is why he wants a new constitution, which will fit him. Hoping he can push this in Arusha and among the EAC.

I don’t believe he will do this for the benefit of Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania or Kenya. He will do it for the benefit of him. Museveni always has the answer and he doesn’t want listen to others. That’s why he wants to change the Community into a Federation. That is so, he can be the President of the East African Federation. It is for nothing else. He wants to control and have power to tell how the Kenyans are supposed to act, how Tanzania is supposed to act, how Rwandans are supposed to act and how Burundi is supposed to act, and finally even how South Sudanese are supposed act. All of them are supposed to follow him and his guidance.

This start of the Constitution of East African Federation is just relaunching the process of the 1990s of Uganda. When he launched the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, which he got proclaimed for and been one of his landmark achievements as President. But has dwindled with time, as he has amended it to fit him and not the Republic.

That is why he wants to change the mandate and the purpose of the EAC. So, that his words gets as powerful as it in the State House of Entebbe. He wants that over the EAC. He will use any tool, any excuse and any means to change that. Because, he will lie, misuse facts and twist it to make it seem viable.

That’s just who he is and why his doing this. Not being sincere. He will speak of trade and integration, but with a plan of a federation. It means someone will have power and force over it. It gives it another mission and not just diplomatic tool. That means someone has to govern that and he wants to be that man. If he wouldn’t, then he wouldn’t have made the document and the process in the first place. This con his done before, but now he wants to do it with plenty of nations and not just one republic. Feel me? Peace.

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