Opinion: Kinda hard to agree or disagree over a BBI Report, when its not public yet…

It is a strange world, when the social media frenzy over something that is yet to be published or made public. The whole Building Bridges Imitative might have finished their work and left their tools in the shed. But their work and the results of whatever they did isn’t all public yet. There might be some shocks and some surprises. Who knows, if not it’s a dual family dynasties and the lingering political elites who continues pushing their agendas on the public.

What we do know. Its to early to discuss the parameters, the finer details and the proposals of the report, when its not public. Its not yet dropped for the public to digest. It is like speaking about a food joint, knowing the possible menu, but never popped by to try it. They might serve something you have heard off, but you cannot be for certain how it tastes or how good service they have. Before you enter the building and actually try the meal out. Than, you can discuss if it was burned, was melting on your tongue or if it average meal of unga.

Because at this point, it is mere speculations, words of mirages and fallacy. As long as the report is not there. Than, the Odinga and Kenyatta can play the crowds and claim all kinds of stuff. They can say whatever they feel like it. Ruto can confess to murders there for all we know, but that is maybe totally wrong too. Right?

Since, the BBI report can be a body building index or a bloody blatant incentive just a foil the public away from the problems at hand. Instead, focus on bogus attempts to justify the peace treaty made between Uhuru and Raila, as the handshake deleted the opposition and their powers to test the government. Therefore, the report is continuation of that and a preparation of the stages to another dynasty takeover in the next election in 2021.

Who knows right? It will just be words and simple rhetoric mounting to nothing. This might be like the flawed acts of Dr. Ekuru Aukot and others. A man who has been lost at sea and trying to configure and make himself relevant in manners of things.

Now we are here at this junction, we can decide, which way to go. But what we do need to know. Is that this report is only vibrant and alive, if they release it to the public. Until then, it’s a dead fish swimming in the water. It is not alive and kicking it. Unless, there are mere words about what it contains. Which could be anything or nothing. It could be gold, but it could be a fraud too. We just don’t know. Because, how can we?

There is nothing to assess, nothing to discuss, just words put into a blender and hoping that it taste sweet in the end. This might be a dream, might be nightmare, might even be a road to redemption. However, right now, we just don’t know. Peace.

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