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Zimbabwe: An Anti-Sanctions march intro oblivion…

“Whether something will come out it or not, our voice as SADC will be heard” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa

The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) Anti-Sanctions marches are scheduled for the 25th October 2019. What has been stunning in the process is how organizers and ministers has entangled a web of weird acts. This has all been deliberate to get stunning numbers of people on the streets to march on behalf of the needs of private individuals, whose happen to be sanctioned by United States government.

However, they have targeted students and people who are studying for their exams O’ and A’ Level of Public Examination. That is happening on the 25th October 2019, the day that has proclaimed a public holiday. Meaning, that the rest of the public civil servants and others are free to attend, but these has to be left behind together with the lectures and teachers whose in-charge of holding the exams that day.

While the government has already asked all kinds of civil servants to attend and asked for their participation. They are all expected to go to the streets and defend cause. Not by will, but by orders and patriotic loyalty to the government.

We know the state are doing whatever they can do to get people to attend. There are even free trains to Harare on that day so people from Mutare and Bulawayo can attend it. The ZUPCO buses will also ferry people to the marches and not take their usual fee. Because, the state has to make perks for people to attend this.

To top it off, the government has asked farmers to donate fuel for the marches too. There is nothing in their way to exercise this march. Every avenue and part of the state is involved. To make it as big as possible. However, what the Youth League says about is damning and shows the true intent of the matter.

The ZANU-PF Youth League statement on the 21st October 2019:

“Addressing a media briefing, Cde Pupurai, said we are exposing our hypocrisy as a party, MDC demonstrations were barred citing that the environment is not conducive to hold demos, why are we doing it now? We are wasting millions of dollars on useless March instead of channelling those resources to providing clean water to the citizens. However the ZANU PF youth will stand for what is right for our country and our children. The revolution and our victory will be defended and no one will be allowed to tamper with it,” said Cde Togarepi. Cde Pupurai said while the constitution allowed peaceful protests, it also granted citizens the right to defend themselves against corrupt elements who have brought our beautiful country to its knees. Cde Pupurai said the March is nothing, but gimmick to cover up their corrupt tendencies. He said ZANU PF party had been hijacked by selfish individuals who want to die and leave our country destroyed” (ZANU-PF Youth League, 21.10.2019).

We cannot expect brilliance from the ZANU-PF, but there is some dim hope, as the Youth League at least has some sense in this manner. But don’t expect the President nor his associates to care about that. They are eating and plenty of it. They need a show to show force and strength, that they cause is golden. Just as the MDC are banned from showing up and demonstrate against it. Peace.

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