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Burundi: CNC bans publishing of 2020 election results before CENI announce them!

If your thinking the 2015 General Election in Burundi was bad. The launch of 2020 is already hectic, as the public are extra taxed and the imbonerakure is doing the CNDD-FDD bidding. There is enough warning signs, but the recent revelation of media black-out of the results. That is what will happen now.

That is because the authorise sets this up. This is a media blackout. The way of silencing the stopping the leakage of results. The counting and the ballots will taken care of in darkness. There will be no lights and the only reports the ones that is accepted and acknowledged by the state itself. This is securing the whole thing and shutting down everything else. This is the message the state sends. No transparency and no check-up, as the media cannot do their job and only be a microphone of what the state already wants out.

Article 10 of the code of conduct established by the National Media Regulator – CNC to the Burundian media and journalists, stipulates that journalists aren’t allowed either to publish or air by any channel whatsoever, including the internet, the provisional or final results of an election other than those officially announced by the National Independent Electoral Commission or its local Commissions” (Diana Uwimana – ‘2020 elections: Politicians disagree over announcement of election results’ 18.10.2019, IWACU English News).

You cannot expect a clean and orderly election, when the state has to take all control and silence the media, months ahead of the polls. Because, that is what this is. It is nothing else. The media is not allowed to shed lights on what is happening in the provinces or anywhere else. The CNDD-FDD will control it and say what the numbers are. The CENI and CNDD-FDD will initially tell what the final say was. The media cannot say or state what the prognoses are or the possible outcome, because that is a breach of contract with the state. Then the media is actually doing something illegal.

That shows the state of affairs, that the hidden agenda, that the act behind closed doors is so important. That even a sure given win, that a literal one-party state, where the opposition is either in exile or dead. Only one accepted opposition party (CNL), which also get into trouble and loses supporters now and then. The CNDD-FDD still has to secure how the victory is reported and how they have achieved the win in 2020.

It is naive to think otherwise. That would give to much way to President Pierre and his cronies. Peace.

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