Brexit: Letwin beats Boris on a Saturday!

This Tories Government cannot win in the House of Commons. Today on a Saturday, special sitting to get their revised deal passed through the House. Seems to have gotten into a hitch, as Sir. Oliver Letwins Amendment was passed.

The Amendment literally means: “MPs are voting on whether to amend the Government’s approval motion for the revised withdrawal agreement. Oliver Letwin’s amendment would withhold Parliamentary approval for the deal until further primary legislation has been passed” (UK House of Commons, 19.10.2019).

As the Tories continue to loose, the House also approved an motion stating this: “The House of Commons has approved the amended motion on the new Brexit deal agreed between the UK Government and the EU. The Government must ask for an extension of Article 50 under the Benn Act and set out how it intends to proceed” (UK House of Commons, 19.10.2019).

They are all postponing and awaiting scrutiny of the new revised deal, which has already been discredited since dropped on Thursday this week. Now, the PM has configure his deal and everything to fit the House. Surely, his finding out how hard Theresa May had it. Going through wind and fire to get into heaven. Because the Tories cannot manage to get enough votes or fining a fitting agreement for the withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

The EU must really wonder how the islanders are taking care of themselves. The continuation of the stalemate, the continuation of the hanged Parliament. There will be no possible outcome. The PM has made it more difficult for himself, as he has not reliable allies in the DUP. Neither, has strong support of the de-whipped MPs, who he kicked out of the party. Therefore, his own political game has backfired.

Boris cannot win this. He cannot sustain the love of the ERG/Brexiteers nor the Remainers. He cannot find something passing the Customs Union, the fair level-playing field, while being a Third Country to the EU. That is why this game is a losing one. It just depends on how much he wants to loose.

Right now, he cannot get things passed. He can only loose and its evident. Because, I cannot remember a bill, a motion or anything significant he has passed since getting in power. A justified loser is what Boris is and that is also because of his actions. His made his bed and he has to sleep in it.

This Brexit might crash out, this Brexit might make things burn, but that is evident by the characters of the leadership of the Tories. They have decided to make new votes and even do the previous deal three times. But they are not accepting a new referendum as the public now knows the consequences of a possible no-deal, a possible withdrawal agreement or continuing being a part of the EU.

Boris cannot win and its evident. Now he has to beg for mercy and extension. As the MPs and Commons wants to study the revised deal. This was a loss and was expected. But the PM better humiliate himself. Because, there will be “ifs and buts” ahead. Peace.

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