Opinion: Boris revised May’s deal, but will it matter?

The looming important date of 31st October 2019 of the Withdrawal from the European Union for the United Kingdom. That Prime Minister Boris Johnson is happening with “no ifs or buts”. However, what happen today was really an vindication for former PM Theresa May. As dually noted before, she made the best legal withdrawal agreement possible. The modifications made wit the current negotiations isn’t that big. Its minor tweaks.

Boris has now his “own” deal, but only partly. He can sell it as his own, but we all know the drill and seen what was in the first package. Therefore, what is delivered today was more of the same. They are still hoodwinking the public of the important stuff for the Brexiteers, while not delivering the key parts for the Remainers either. Just like May did. She must have a blast knowing all of this, because of the all added pressure and scrutiny she had from folks like Boris and ERG. She can now be rest assured, that she did as well as she could.

So, with that in mind. As there is special sitting on Saturday, coming from the same Government that prorogued the Parliament. Just because it couldn’t muster courage to defend its own action. Are now calling and tabling debates to finalize the “new” withdrawal agreement. That the DUP has already said “hell no too”. While Labour is also saying its not “good enough”. We can just await SNP and Lib-Dems too. We just know, that the Minority Tories government are needing some serious help to pass this hurdle. To pass a revised edition of the previously non-passable agreement, which was voted down: Three times in the House of Commons and the Speaker dodging the tabling of it the fourth time.

Now it will arrive, as the statutes and some parts has changed. It has even given more power to the EU. Which is surprising concerning the hard-liner stance of the Tories and whose in-charge at this recent moment. Like the Tariffs, the Institutions and so-on will still follow direct guidelines of the EU without any sovereign hold, while still being on the outside. That is win for being part of the EU market, but a loss of control. As the UK also loose their ability to vote or change within the system. Even if it jumps out of the Customs Union. Therefore, it will likely also pay the famous financial settlement too. Which shows how much crap Boris has swallowed.

All of this is proving a point. That Boris who promised so blatantly that he would get a good deal, get a modified and shady, indifferent deal, which is not substantial for anyone. The EU has accepted this one, but they are the winner in this divorce. They have the transition and has the legal binding things. While UK has to configure the rest and find new ways to move.

The UK are really the losers, Boris Johnson ensured that. That is why the EU was quick to ratify the agreements made. These are ensuring the same sort of arrangement. Now, it is just up to the British Parliament to figure this out and get along. Which is most unlikely. Because, who want to sell this one?

The Pro-EU, the Remainers will not and the Brexiteers will not either. That is just a mere blunt fact. Squinting at the pages and boggles, how little that the PM has learned. Did he forget why the other one went to smithereens in the first place?

Seems so. Cheerio Bye Bye. Peace.

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