Opinion: The one-sided Grand National Dialogue comes with brief recommendations…

Let’s be clear, there is little to take from the Grand National Dialogue, which happen this week in Yaounde, Cameroon. Where the elite, the patronage had a massive display and speeches. But the other party was all behind bars or in exile. Not like the stakeholders of this dialogue got to talk. It was mostly of the President’s men. It doesn’t help and prove anything significant that the President pardons 333 detainees and Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) get freed on the final day of the talks.

This is really showing, that the President did a PR show. Because, the report of the talks shows that the one-sided affairs. Not only with the recommendation, but also with their pleas. But they are putting the blame indirectly on the armed militants, but not on the military whose displaying an open direct war on the population. These are the who has the force, who makes villages and towns into ghost towns and been reported about. Still, the President and his men, fails to mention that in the report.

These include the Recommendation to;

Grant a special status to the North-West and South-West Regions, in conformity with Section 62 Sub 2 of the Constitution;

Take specific measures to ensure equality of English and French in ail aspects of national life;

Reinforce the autonomy of Decentralised Local Entities;

Improve upon the infrastructure of judicial services throughout the country;

Strengthen the Humanitarian Assistance Program to better serve internally displaced persons;

Institute a special plan to reconstruct the conflict affected areas;

Popularise the Head of State’s offer of amnesty to combatants who drop their weapons and enter the reintegration process; and,

Create a team responsible for mediation with radicalised members of our Diaspora” (REPORT OF THE RAPPORTEUR GENERAL OF THE MAJOR NATIONAL DIALOGUE, 04.10.2019).

This here proves the problem of the Grand National Dialogue, where the NW-SW regions are supposed to become special, but in what sense? What will the Ambazonia get or benefit after the years of military attacks, road-blocks and so-on? What will Yaounde and the Biya’s men do now differently?

Because, they have gone after the leadership of the NW-SW, the ones whose appointed or made-men from the President. The rest have been followed, detained or exiled. This has been systematic measures from the state. That is why, these people are still behind bars and their voice wasn’t listened too. That is why, the recommendations falls flat.

Not, that the ideas are faulty, but its just one stakeholder, one main power speaking. Even other movements and parties dropped out, because they felt it was farce. That says something about it all. Not only the ones already detained and silenced. The President wasn’t mentioning them. They are blaming the guns, the militias, but they are created, because the army is sent there to settle the score and making it worse. Combined with governors putting in curfews and strict movement regulations on the citizens there.

Therefore, from the get-go, the Grand National Dialogue was flawed. The outcomes shows that and that is why the Report is such a thin soup. Cooking a soup made by leaves and hope it taste beef. Peace.

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