Opinion: Mzee micro manage everything!

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the Commander-in-Chief, who has a bloated patronage, who has such a vast amount of Ministers and State Ministers, even has his own giant click of Presidential Advisors.

Still with all these people in his close circle, he still has to micro-manage anything from the State House. If it is whose arrested or not, whose promoted in the army or in the Police Force. Who is taken to Court and whose getting a contract or signed-off as investor to a project. It all passes by him or with the word from him.

There is no case to big nor to small. The ministers are puppets; the Parliament is a rubber-stamping operation for loans and budgets; and occasionally to enact a friendly law. Nevertheless, they don’t need to work hard. The directions, the directives and the orders comes from “high above” or in this regard, HIM.

The President directs who’s detained, who’s to let go. He directs who gets to do business and whose not. If it is Uganda Telecom Limited, Dott Service or whatever Chinese Contractor for hire. The President will have a say and guidance in the matter. Nothing left without his final words.

Therefore, the micro-managing, the steady pursuit of control from one-man is so evident. There is nothing his not having his hands in. Today he directed all hospital from having private pharmacies. Yesterday, directed the police from arresting idle and disorderly persons. Tomorrow, he might order someone in Lira to fetch him a local catch. Who knows, but that is what he does with the power of the State House.

Everything passes by him and needs his verdict. Nothing is left unturned or unquestioned by him. That is why, the Ministers needs his blessing to do anything. That is why his statements and his decrees are so powerful.

We cannot see anything without him or by him. The Republic will cease to exist without him. Especially in his own mind. Since he thinks everything needs his vision. His the doctor, the priest, the civil servant and the professional know-it-all in the Republic. That is who he is.

If you didn’t know, now you know. Peace.

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