Opinion: The Grand Dialogue National is a sham..

Whatever President Paul Biya’s handlers, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute and the rest of loyal men are doing with this Grand Dialogue National or Major National Dialogue. We know it won’t amount to much.

Reports today as the Dialogue starts:

As there are reports of soldiers shooting in the Owe Village in Muyuka Division since morning. Where the soldiers break into homes and people are fleeing the village and is killed deliberately in the forest.

Therefore, when the likes of Minister of Justice Jean de Dieu Momo says yesterday that the separatists has nothing to do or to attend the dialogue. He proves the pointless exercise this whole event is.

If the Swiss backers of this thinks this is wise, maybe they should sell of Biya’s assets and donate it to Bamenda starving public. Because, the North-West and South-West Regions are burning. The Anglophone is directly a civil-war zone, where the army is daily attacking and killing people. Where the leadership is behind bars and the rest in exile. Clearly, the Yaounde and Douala central leadership doesn’t want to give way.

Neither is this Grand Dialogue National anything else, than stalling for time. They have not involved the ones hurt or destroyed by the acts done by the central government. Neither, will Biya humiliate himself nor his compatriots in Geneva. No, he will be the big-man, the one whose decrees and shows greatness. However, this is a failure and the world should know it.

There isn’t anything to get out of this, as long as the Ambazonian leadership is behind bars. As longs as the ones whose speaking for the Anglophone regions isn’t heard. It is just an echo-chamber of the political elites, bootlickers and paid off cronies making a show.

The ones organizing it, knows this, but they will not say it. They are supposed to be there for “freedom, liberty and justice”. But right now, it is only justice for one party and the other one is either silenced by the gun or by the justice system. They are not validated or understood, but while the authorities are allowed to destroying villages, making ghost-towns, curfews on the public, banning public rallies and also killing citizens as they see fit. While the elites of the ruling party is living lavish on the spoils of the “talks”.

It is hard to be talks, when in reality it is one party talking to itself. It is hard to be dialogue, when one of the parties engaged in this. Isn’t allowed to participate or have the ability to do so. If they would show-up, they would need a Shawshank Redemption, Prison Break Cameroonian Edition and some insiders helping them to flee. However, that is not happening. Not any time soon.

But expect Biya and Ngute to bash in glory, to sell stories and look like Kings. Nevertheless, they will not resolve, will find a solution other then a new hustle to fill their pockets. This will not change the realities on the grounds. As the soldiers are still there doing massive hurt and the public’s fears are continuing. The government are still haunting the region, but not like they will answer for these crimes. No, they are dining in the fine halls of the world and eating the spoils of their crimes. Peace.

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