Hoima By-Election: Steady intimidation and arrests ahead of the polls!

There should be other ways around the matters, but there is not. I wish I could focus on the possible results or the electoral message of the parties. However, the acts of the authorities and the police force are eating the time and energy.

The army arrested yesterday Hon. Paul Mwiru, who was the Nyakato Election management last night. As well as the District Police Commander from yesterday is former Mubende DPC Martin Okoyo. Today, as the polls was happening the arrest of journalist Hamza Kitakule. This is all following a normal protocol of the state, to intimidate and control the polls.

The CCEDU stated this in their preliminary statement yesterday:

Security matters and deployment:Several arrests were executed throughout the campaign period. About 10 people were in and out of police cells on account of electoral related crimes. Security agencies played a key role in maintaining peace in a bid to prevent pre-election violence in Hoima. During the last days of the campaigns, a group known as Sipapa entertainment was evicted by security while trying to disrupt the campaign rally of the opposition candidate” (CCEDU, 25.09.2019).

There is even reports of the RDC of Hoima, going around trying to buy voters for the National Resistance Movement (NRM). This very common, but the opposition will be arrested for stepping their feet in the district, while the NRM and the government officials can act illegal without any consequences.

While People Power coordinators are taken out:

Bukomansimbi district woman MP aspirant Zulaika Nalukenge, People Power Movement coordinator Kampala metropolitan Namayengo Lydia and ten others still incarcerated in Hoima police cells” (The Whisper Eye, 26.09.2019).

The source said to The Whisper Eye: “Our People Power coordinator Kampala metropolitan Lydia Namayengo and Hon. Zulaika were brutally arrested by SFC, says the source. Now taken to Masindi, in an attempt to intimidate the forces of change. We’re not scared we must win this election” (The Whisper Eye, 26.09.2019).

This here shows what they does and how they do it. Even as the state does this, the current result is in favour of the joint opposition candidate in Hoima. Therefore, the acts of the military, Special Force Command (SFC) and anyone else might be useless. They still acting crazy like this, because they have to buy and intimidate to win.

We can hope the NRM lose, but that is only final with the declaration form. Which is not yet released, as we have only the preliminary counting from several of polling stations. Not the whole picture nor the possible rigging of this. Because that happens later.

The Electoral Commission, have already said that some of the numbers released on social media is fake and saying its wrong from some polling stations. So, we can really get worried, if the NRM will take it, either by hook or by the crook. We just have to await and see, if the provincial or preliminary counts will be the indicated victory or loss. Peace.

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