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Ethiopia: If the EPRDF becomes the EPP, then Abiy has consolidated all power, right?

This is a change of guards. Some says its just the name, as the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) consists of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM). Which has all various roles with the government, ministries and so-on.

The rumour of a single party made out of the coalition came earlier this year, in about April 2019. As the TPLF came out with a statement in April questioning the whole idea. That was surely showing signs of disaffection to the idea itself. When the party who has controlled the coalition certainly didn’t like to be muffled with.

Now the Addis Maleda had the scoop that the EPRDF was planning to become a one-party renamed Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP). This means the former parties will be dissolved and become one united force, not just an coalition of parties representing the various ethnic groups and regions of the Republic.

The central leaders, the Council of Ministers, together with the main bodies of governing should vote this through. They should also let all the parties itself, as they let them change names in the recent past. Also get to vote and put together a new party constitution and guidelines they all are agreeing upon. Unless, this is a top-down approach, where the current leadership are planing to take total control and not let any interference come from each party. As this is seen as blessing for the Republic, that the coalition becomes officially one.

The EPP will continue the path of Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali. Where he consolidate power, structures things the way he see fit and uses the systems bound around him. Just like he could appoint and get the people around him. That he wanted in Amhara region, as the state had an “coup”, which was brutally shut-down and now his gotten all of his men in position.

If an EPP gets into existence, the one-party might look the same, but the functions made swiftly change. The power-dynamics of the previous parties are all gone and sort-of-sharing between the regions are dwindling even more. This could cause more tension, in a nation where there are already to many internally displaced people, where there insurgency and extra-judicial killings. Surely, the Ethiopian politics could be a break for that, instead of being the catalyst.

What we have to hope, is that the EPP is a build-up to a real election and the opening of the previous sanctioned groups from diaspora. Can show that the regional parties and rebels has a place in the new elections. Not just the friends of the government in the EPRDF.

If not, than the EPP is a ONE-PARTY state and a sign of open oppression. Where the state has only one head, one party and only one set of governance. Where the people are supposed to follow and listen to the central state, but not question it. This is not reforming, but consolidating power.

Your blind or not seeing it. Not that the EPRDF is a democratic institution or total open transparent body, but it at least has some promise for all the regions and its citizens. While one-party could easily transform to another monster, where the winner takes it all and the rest has to suffer.

That while a man with swagger and promise, shed his opportunity only to regain more power himself. This is the worst-case scenario, I hope I am wrong, but this is just my thinking. Peace.

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