Opinion: Mzee warns everyone, maybe he should warn them about himself?

This is good for entertainment and business, but should never be to the detriment of strides made in bringing our country out being a failed state. For example, I disagree with one of the singers who was saying “Bizeemu”, as if to say that this NRM government is committing crimes against its people! I advise the artists to use their talents in ways that do not sow divisions based on lies. The government of Uganda is working against all the threats and crimes against Uganda and her people“ (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 21.09.2019).

Isn’t it weird that all the time and nearly everywhere, the President, the Head of State, the Commander-in-Chief, the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The old man and his place as the King at any function. He has to lecture and often warn them.

I have a feeling he has during his career now, his warned every single profession he has passed by. If it is teachers, nurses, doctors, soldiers, refugees, unemployed or whatnot. Everyone get packed together, farmers and foreign investors too. They are all warned, not to go into sectarianism and become threats to the Republic. Because, nobody wants to become that.

What he means, that you shouldn’t challenge him nor his NRM. His National Resistance Movement (NRM) is the only right way, the rest is the enemies and the ones committing crimes against the state aka him. Museveni see himself as the state and with that in mind. If you question the administration, the NRM and the State House. Your going against him.

That is why his warning everyone at every possible place. It is a reason why writing “Museveni Warns” on google and you get 1,200,000 search results. Many is the same story in repeat, but it shows a pattern. He warns MPs, warns Beneficiaries and so on.

He does that because he knows best and has the answers. No one else does and that why everyone has to blindly follow him. Nobody else has the skill set to think or make a difference without the touch of Midas aka Mzee.

That is just the way it is. Yesterday it was the musicians. Next time its the Mwenda’s or the Mao’s. Who knows, but Mzee always has to lecture someone. That is what he does and what he do. He thinks this is smart, its not.

We have been here before and its not funny. Just more mere proof of how the President thinks his brilliant and has to warn about the correct path. That is just the way it is in 2019 I suppose. Peace.

6 thoughts on “Opinion: Mzee warns everyone, maybe he should warn them about himself?”

  1. ugandans should thank of our best president, but before him, we was about to die of homeless and being taken as slaves, but our blessed president is now still fighting for our freedom, but some ugandans can’t see that, omufuzi omulungyi ye H.E.Y.K.Museveni , Thats Why God Gave Him Infunity Leadership, Longlife N.R.M.

    1. Are you eating of his plate too? Has he assigned you a noble position? Your blessed with self-styled President for life. If your in his way. He will destroy you. You say your blessed. I think your cursed. But that’s just me though. A modern day Mobutu. Kapish?

      1. thanks brother, iam saying that of remembering before him, how would you advise me? or all ugandans? thanks mobutu, am waitting.

      2. Well, I’m not the one to advice anyone. However. Your sugarcoating today, because of the sins done in the past. Yes some things have changed, but a lot of the same techniques are used against the opposition. Its a reason why safe-houses get used now too. Not at Hotel Serena, but elsewhere. Where people are kept without any sentencing or trial. I know the reports of Idi Amin and Obote II government. So, it’s not like it wasn’t bad in the past. But I will not write positively about a man who misuse power, the military and the state to own benefits. Also, who is a warmonger and someone who should answer for crimes against humanity and has no trouble to violate rule of law. If that fits his current situation. Feel me, or should we just turn a blind eye and accept it all. Seriously? What about Kasese and all the extra-judicial killings done in the recent years? Water under the bridge? Because it wasn’t like the massacres of the past? Please tell. Thanks brother, I am awaiting.

  2. Every Body has his/her respect, but respect of president is high in nation, so we should not us bad words about president, its like family, father should be respected in all ways to be with the best family, thanks to all ugandans and all nations cross the world,

    1. So since its his exellency, you should not question his behavior? I’m criticizing my own PM too all the time. Because, citizens should question the ones in power.

      If not they are overlords and were the peasants following blindly. If they act wrong. We should say something about it. If not why care for elections, changing MPs and Governors. When they are automatically our masters? Because you had no trouble doing the same for those in past. Amin and so on. We should do that with the present too. We need to hold our leaders accountable. If not they will misuse power and take away the freedoms of the people. Feel me?

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