Opinion: Tshisekedi is officially Kabila’s puppet – Part II

We should all realize that we can only talk about the bad forgeries, the ones that have been detected; the good ones are still hanging on the walls”Frank Wynne

Well, the recent election and the manifestation of the new coalition government where previous President Joseph Kabila still have the upper-hand. Kabila still runs the Senate, the House and has the most public officials across the boards. The CACH-FCC coalition, between now President Felix Tshisekedi, Vital Kamerhe and former President Kabila is all for the gains of the previous one.

Just not only has the previous the hands into all parts of the state, but he gets his own ways. How can you say that, well, the current president revealed that yesterday in a live interview on the channel TV5 on the program “international”.

Where he was saying this: “We can leave with them and say, well, if you’ve done some odd things in the past, now it’s over, it’s time to redeem ourselves and show our people a new face and new intentions, that’s what drives me as a state of mind”. This is his answer to crimes done and committed by the previous leadership. He is putting it all as “water under the bridge”.

That proves again, whose really in-charge and in-control. Since, there is no repercussions, no actions being made to the looting, the killings and power-games done by previous leadership. A leadership that blessed this man with a title after a questionable election at best.

Therefore, if you believe that Tshisekedi is powerful and has the strength to overcome the past. He don’t, his the whipping boy and the man on the pedestal while Kabila is dancing in the nightclubs of Kinshasa. Because, Felix has to be astute, show at formal international meetings and sign-off memorandums. While Kabila can eat, sleep and regain strength in the Presidential Villa. While Tshisekedi has to negotiate everything and await the final decision made the cronies and Kabila himself. Since, his only in power because of the arrangement made in- and around the 2018 elections.

Let’s be clear, if there would be any vindication. There wouldn’t be this massive haul and power-grab. However, it is and it persists. This will only continue like this, as long as Tshisekedi are able to stick to the program. If he doesn’t, expect impeachment or any other sort of gamble. Since, Kabila doesn’t play and certainly not about his power. Peace.

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