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Opinion: I don’t believe in Biya’s dialogue!

It is just one of those days, the day after a sudden Presidential Speech, when your read through the transcripts of the speech and wonder. What sort of foul play is going on? What sort of narrative is the man trying to shift? Why do I ask those questions, well, President Paul Biya, the almighty and Swiss fugitive, part-time President of the United Cameroon. The one who reside more in Switzerland and rules by decree. Suddenly held a speech yesterday on the 10th September 2019.

This is from a man living a lavish life-style, a man whose spending fortunes abroad and nearly participate in the direct governing of his Republic. As well, as letting his associates and his cronies do most of his bidding. They are even so begging, that they are going to meet him in Switzerland and even dying there to meet him.

That is the man who held a speech yesterday. To console the battle-scorn Republic. Where the separatists are lingering behind bars, where school-children are afraid to go to school, where towns in the English speaking region are afraid to go out in-and around curfew. Where the army is killing people and leaving them by the road-side. Where ghost-towns and ghost-villages are a persistent as a result of the violence sanctioned by the state.

There earlier this year talks of negotiations and dialogue between the parties, but that is successfully not happening. As the Ambazonian government are behind bars. The other units of them is hunted down by an iron fist and trigger happy army. Where the governors and the government officials are restricting movement and what sort of movement that can be done. Therefore, the talks of dialogue at this point is mute.

Because, unless the government is silencing their guns, giving amnesty to the ones scorn and left in prison. There will be no needed talks, except if the state will continue its genocidal ways and finish off the population remaining. Since, plenty has fled to Nigeria and elsewhere seeking refuge from the war-torn region they previously was residing in.

Clearly, Biya wanted to sound like the Big-Shot, the Big-Man who solves it all. But if he was sincere, he would apologize, actually care for all the lives taken. All the lives hurt and the innocent civilians fleeing the region. Instead of acting like he will resolve it by suddenly holding dialogue, which was supposed to be Swiss inspired earlier this year.

He speaks of the men, of the people incarcerated like they are terrorists, when his inflicted harm and fatalities daily. His army is the trigger happy Honcho’s playing Wild-West in the NW and SW regions. There is no denying that. He just want to white wash the crisis and come on top, even after he has aimed all the bullets at the population there.

That is because his the President and they just happens to be his people. Still, that doesn’t justice the ends of his means. The President should answer for the all pain and death he has ordered. Surely, it must be grand living like a millionaire in Europe, while the Anglophone regions are burning on your orders. That must be the best. Be a man of wealth, a man of stealth and a man whose the real merchant of death. Peace.

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