Opinion: We shall disagree with the NRM, but not nail them!

A man with an National Resistance Movement – NRM yellow Beret has been nailed by yet to be identified people while in kalerwe a kampala suburb . Here at the Hotspot we condemn such acts of intolerance and violence” (Radio Simba Ffemw Mweffe, 29.08.2019).

The greatness of a man and movement is when it can turn the other chin, when the movement and people gathered around a cause in non-violence and with wishes of peaceful co-existence can move-on from its bloody past.

Even as the news spirals are going in cycle. When there are so much oppression and ill-activity from the state towards the Opposition. The opposition need to prove they are different from the ones currently ruling. Just like the innocent bystanders at rallies, public consultations, which has been hurt over the years. It is all state violence against and its wrong. The bullets which has killed and taken lives for taking part in opposition activity. We know this has happen in Republic and we condemn it.

The same shall be done over this matter. There is no justification or no right action to nail someone’s head over the Beret they are currently wearing. Just like the police get no favour arresting people for wearing red berets or printing Besigye T-shirts. That is just wrong, both are wrong.

The individuals who did this today to the man wearing the NRM beret needs to answer for their crime. Just like anyone should. Something the NRM and their authorities also needs to answer for. The acts of abduction, torture and safe-houses. The acts of political policing and the acts of violence against the people who shows up at opposition activities. Putting up roadblocks and arresting Turinawe/Amuriat-Oboi when they criss-crossing the Republic. Yes, we know about that.

Today’s action was wrong. No one has the right to inflict this hurt on anyone. Nobody should consider to do this harm. They shall answer to the authorities and to laws of the land. That is cool, but so should be done for injustice done with impunity over the years at the opposition. This shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. Yes, it is terrible and wrong.

But god damn-it. The state has systematically oppressed, abducted, detained and pinned charges on the opposition. It has as long as I can remember been violent against citizens when the opposition gathers, with mambas, tear-gas and live-bullets. There been hospitalization of innocent civilians and people have been fatally hurt. Therefore, the revolution eats its children.

Now, that being said. This is just mere tragic event, that no one earns a dime on. There is no political mileage. There never shall be, because the innocent and standby civilians are the ones who pay the price, while the Big-Men moves on. We all know the individual hurt today didn’t deserve it. Neither anyone who has been touched in other events either.

This just proves a set of breaking moral codes and it stems for the top, as the top-down orders are shown and the only way to answer it is by addressing it in the fashion. Then your not better, but the same. That is why the opposition needs to show finesse and humility, even in the midst of draconian laws and oppressive state. Since, its supposed to challenge the sinister acts and prove their character. The state will use all tools and ensure its power by all means. Therefore, this sort of acts, acts sadly as good spin for why the opposition is no better.

We know the state is brutal and uses force, uses the laws and the authorities to silence the dissident. Even as the fans and supporters of state goes into public. The opposition got to show they are better and not using the same violence the state does. Because, than they win. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: We shall disagree with the NRM, but not nail them!”

    1. Yes, I disagree with the methods that NRM uses to govern and use of the authorities against its people. NRM has also misused its power for over 3 decades. They continue to disregard all the basis for their revolution and their bush-war, just so one man can rule indefinitly. With the consequence, whatever good results he had in the beginging is destroyed by his usage of power to sustain there.

      I see a lot of good things coming from both the People Power Movement and the FDC (People’s Government). I’m not in favour of the DP Block, but that is just me. Hope this is clarifying enough.

      BTW: I miss the wisdom of Olara Otunnu on the regular basis. Akena doesn’t cut it for me.

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