ANC studying ways of getting rid of Public Protector Mkwebane because of the CR17 Report!

The Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane CR17 Report must be the head-shot to the Presidency of Ramaphosa. Because the actions made by the African National Congress Study Group have started to look into the basis of removing her from her position.

Certainly, the report, which Ramaphosa through his lawyers are banning from publishing or releasing to the public. Is already evident of the approach done by the President and his team. They are clearly aware of the possible problems with the initial findings in the report. If not, the report would have been public and the President would have had no concern at home.

However, the act of the ANC isn’t new, they have buried reports in the past like the Dentons report of 2015 was released late in 2017. That was to show the ills with the ESKOM and their dealings. This CR17 report strikes right at the heart of government, the President and his closest associates.

The Republic that is still in the midst of unravelling the State Capture case, the predecessor inquired about his dealings. Zuma must surely find this funny, as his second in-command doing the same thing. But who knows with who. Because, we know the Gupta’s had a well-placed space within the Zuma adminstration, but who knows who funded the CR17 and the hidden truths in that report.

It doesn’t help that the ANC is doing this. It makes it worse. It is bad enough that the lawyers and attorneys of Ramaphosa sues the Public Protector and wants to shield the report from the public. This doesn’t help that after that, the President and his party is research the possible ways of dropping the person that did the investigation of him.

That is a weakness and of a dire need of the truth. That the ANC will now find ways of show misconduct or even incompetence in the coming days wouldn’t be surprising. They will pin something on the Public Protector. Not to give the truth to the public, but save their grand leader, their big-man and the head of state.

So, when the ANC does this, when his attorneys has done this already. What is in that Report Ramaphosa? And on that note: What did you do? Peace.

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