Opinion: Mzee lies to Godfrey

Godfrey Begumisa (Twitter-@GodfreyBegumis2), tells Bobi Wine to go to the bush if he wants power. That is not necessary. Politics is about competing policies. Our policy is well stated. Let the others also state theirs. If they do not have anything different, then support what is on the ground” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Facebook, 26.08.2019).

Well, this is too easy. Therefore, this will be very short. There is no-way in the current state of affairs, that policy nor leadership itself would ever topple Museveni. He has and direct the state at every single turn from the State House Entebbe or Nakasero. To think otherwise is naive or stupid.

Secondly, all the security organizations is behind him and is loyal to him. Even if he pay them squat and they live in piss-poor conditions. As their loyalty is to his cause and his usage. They continue to be used by him, by hoping for a promotion and better pay in the future.

Thirdly, the Electoral Reforms are lackluster, the Electoral Commission and all the state machinery are gearing in for another term. There is no way, they want to squander or even lax into 2021. Unless, he start having strokes or even poke at some serious illnesses caused by fatigue and advanced age.

Fourth, Museveni is not giving up on policy, even if all his actions are filled with mismanagement, corruption and patronage. Still, he will act like statesman and act like pure-bread politician. Even if he is war-lord and a manipulator.

Bobi Wine can come with all the guns blazing in a political battle over the ballot and at this current state. He will loose. No one sensible will deny that. Besigye have done the same thing and popular, but beaten in the polls, because the polls are massaged to fit Yoweri, not the public. The EC has delivered the majority of MPs and the needed leadership across the Republic. It is only a figment and some power-play moments where the opposition has gotten some traction. But that is when Museveni and NRM feels safe about it.

That is why Godfrey is right. The history repeats itself. The only way to get rid of a rigging, self-styled for life-president is to topple him with weapons and arms. Just like Museveni did Mobutu and Obote. Not that we want another coup d’etat or bush-war. But its not like Museveni will accept a peaceful transition. As the stacks are always on his side and rigged to his advantage. Its only the blind that doesn’t see that.

At this point and time, a incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ couldn’t beat Museveni at the polls. He would have configured the results, edited the stats and crucified his opponents at the Constitutional Square in the midst of Kampala. That is what he does. Peace.

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