Opinion: A $400m Command Agriculture scandal rocks the Republic!

The Ministry of Finance and the whole ZANU-PF have to showed and told the world that they paid Ferts, Seed & Grain (FSG), the Merdian owned corporation the amount of $400m in 2019. The same company they paid $69m and couldn’t answer for the usage of funds.

This is the same company, which came into a scandal in 2018, for the lack of production and equipment for the order of fertilizers in an $89m, a year later, the same company is supposed to be good enough to carry a $400m deal. This is outrages and make the Republic look like a fool.

The family of Morland must be in joy of the fortunes they are making, all of them. Steve Morland, the director, Operation Andrew Morland and Factory Tony Morland. All of them must have joyful days, even though, maybe Isaac Muranganwa, the financial controller is a bit pre-occupied finding reasons for these trades. In addition, Kara Morland is busy finding the New PR Stunt, after the sudden Presser explaining the $400m deal today with Command Agriculture.

If this company struggled to produce for the contract in 2018, which is under ¼ of the current estimated deal, than we have a shallow grave and a ghost sales of epic proportions to the Merdian owned FSG. The Morland operated of Kew Drive in the Highlands in Harare. Surely, when I can do this research. The ones doing the tenders within government should be able to do this too.

So, when the Public Accountants Committee in Parliament cannot answer this, but has the ability to overshadow the shady deal with a company, they have previously engaged in. They should surely be more careful. Instead they hope of the ignorance of the people.

When, I a nobody can find this information and even the previous scandal in mind, the state is showing lack of due diligence or lack of care for own spending. As they have spent close to $500m to uncertain deals, as a part of Command Agriculture, where about $469m be questioned, two shady deals, the same company and surely the same culprits in-charge.

Alas, ZANU-PF doesn’t kid itself, only the public, they and cheat, while people have to ask for debt-relief. Peace.

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