Opinion: Ziyambi Ziyambi at his wits’ end!

Why would we abduct people? To tarnish our own image? It is the MDC who are faking abductions, they are doing it so that they can remain relevant. They have realised that they were becoming irrelevant. After the demonstration in January, all the other demonstrations that they tried have failed. Who would abduct Gonyeti for Christ’s sake? Some people I began to know them after their abductions allegations” – Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi (25.08.2019).

Well, someone isn’t living right, acting right or sleeping right. Because something missing from his honourable gentleman. The man who reside over the laws of the land and the one overseeing the laws of Republic. The one that ensures that Courts, the Judiciary, the Police and so fourth is held accountable for their actions. That sort of man says this.

His not a nobody, not a random crook on the riverside or in a village. No, his the Minister of Justice, the man who has a key part in the legislation and the judiciary affairs of the Republic. Not a random idiot eating his porridge and then shutting up.

That is why these words are extra insulting. That his using the phrases he is. That he thinks so little of the public and their concerns. That he thinks people are playing them for fools and wanted to be abducted, arrested and challenged in courts to relevant. Like they are trying to celebrities overnight. Than, there should be a billion sex-tapes in Zimbabwe, but it isn’t.

However, the same government banning demonstrations, arresting the leaders of the ones holding the demonstrations and adding extra punitive legislation towards the ones planning to demonstrate. With the newly minted law, Maintenance of the Peace and Order (MOPO) Act is there to shield and ensure the courts have legal justification to ban more demons all across the Republic.

This is common knowledge and shouldn’t be dismissed. The same police and courts who uses all tools at their disposal to ensure that the activists, the MDC-A leaders and others get into legal trouble. Even civil servants and union leaders are detained by demonstrating against the lack of proper pay.

Still, the Minister of Justice are mocking them and belittling the ones his supposed to serve. The public is supposed to eat this rubbish and take it as gold. While its not all gold that glimmers and this truely fake.

What is the worst is both his role in government, but also his utterly disgraceful attempt to undermine his opponents. Just think what he would say: if they came with the swords pointing at him, instead of his enemies? Kapish? Peace.

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