Opinion: Lord have mercy, Zanu-PF is afraid of the will of the people…

Well, the ones thinking it would get better Post-Mugabe was terrible wrong. The henchmen, the crocodile and his cadres are busy exposing the rot within the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). You don’t even need to shed lights to see it, it is out in the open and the stage is already set for the show.

The continues abductions, the torture, the arbirtrary arrests, the phony charges on dissidents and the warnings of public rallies/demonstrations are damaging the peace. Really, shows that the New Dispensations is more of the same. It could been Mugabe speaking, hell, it could have been his wife and the whole G-40. Standing on the barricades and saying his holiness anointed Mugabe to rule forever and ever. And nobody should stand in the way of his highness.

However, now its not Mugabe, now its his former deputy and former henchman Mnangagwa running the brigades, together with the military men like Gen. Chiwenga. They are not having it, if the public is speaking out or trying to demonstrate against them. They we’re allowed to topple a constitutional government, but the public themselves are not allowed. Because, they are not knowing what they are doing, that is only for the Generals to decide.

Mnangagwa and the ZANU-PF has no issues, coming with warnings, coming with harsher laws to settle the score. They have no issues to push the boundaries, even make laws that is sealing the constitutional rights of the citizens, as long as they get to stay in power. Even if the prices are running rapid, Unions are claiming their members cannot afford the basics, civil servants claim the stocks of goods is empty, the lack of maintenance and investment in infrastructure also bites.

The Lacoste, the running elite has no trouble getting expensive cars, renting private-jets and misusing government funds on Command Agriculture without any proof of the spending nor the results. While the inflations running like crazy, the financial system is crashing and the trust in the government is a all time low. The propaganda and the machinery behind the President cannot fix the issues at hand. Because, they are busy eating, but not contemplating solutions for the citizens.

That is why, instead of finding reasonable grounds for tomorrows demonstrations, they are trying to bar it from happening. Instead of listening to the demands or the needs of the public, they want to keep them all hostage to current dire situation. As millions are struggling to get by, the citizens are seeing their money losing value and the salaries not adding up. While the ZANU-PF is busy visiting Davos and walking around with their scarfs. Like the scarf really make a difference. It is just a token of the mismanagement.

Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF, just showing that they rather rewind the troubled past, to control by any means, and try to deflect everything. Not that its working. The lack of trust, the lack of care and the current siege against dissidents, really shows the true heart of the system. That they don’t care about the citizens, as long as they are eating. Which is a sad state of affairs.

The new dispensations is only revised old dispensation with a few new measures, even new laws ensuring the inevitable, that the freedom, liberty and pursuit of justice will be put on hold. As long as the ZANU-PF get the grip of power. Because, they cannot accept the MDC or anyone questioning their authority. Peace.

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