The Ten First Appointments of Boris: Is a disaster and an inept government in the waiting!

Surely at this very moment the fresh Prime Minister Boris Johnson is enjoying the power, as he has cleared the shop. Sorry, his cleared his cabinet and starting to appoint it. As well, as there are also several of ministers whose resigned. Therefore, Johnson really has to get new people in. Even if the first few mentions and appointed individuals, seems to be the latest misfits and previously tried cabinet secretaries, that either failed or wasn’t up for it. They are the ones his picking.

First pick was Sajid Javid as the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the HM Treasury. Whose had some posts, but not shown flair. Maybe, Johnson see something we others don’t?

Second pick was Priti Patal, whose had scandals and had to resign from her previous post. Where she was held a secret meeting with Israeli counterparts without telling the HM government. Now, she is back in the fold and gotten the trust of Johnson, she is becoming the Secretary of State at the Home Department.

Third pick was Dominic Raab as the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The man who don’t understand the value of Calais and other vital information for someone whose involved directly with trade with foreign nations as Foreign Secretary. This can only get more interesting and worrying, as his just a loyal head and not a big brain into the cabinet. Him as a Foreign Secretary will even make Johnson himself look brilliant in this post and that says something!

Fourth pick is the not noteworthy Stephen Barclay, the Secretary of State for the Department of Existing the European Union (DEXEU). He continues in this role, a role he has had since November 2018 after he took over for Raab who resigned, but now is in good graces again. Look over. Not like Barclay have done anything noteworthy or exceptional as the secretary, neither of the ones before him did anything either. So, he keeps his desk-job and with Johnson at the helm, surely don’t expect much flair from Barclay.

Fifth pick as the Chancellor of the Duchy at Lancaster is the friend and loyal mate Michael Gove, who has previously had a fallout with Johnson. He is re-appointed to this role, which is practically an estate manager and ensuring the administration it. This is really a safe role for Gove, as his appointed to a Duchy, but not in the vital portfolios of the state.

Sixth pick as the Secretary of State of Defence is Ben Wallace, who is moved from the State for Security and Economic Crime, which he has held since 2016. His a close ally of Johnson and therefore, been given a big role now. His place has been upgraded overnight since May resigned.

Seventh pick as the Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trust is Elizabeth Truss. Who was until this the Chief Secretary at the Treasury. She is a backer of Brexit and would vote for it again if a Referendum would pass. Surely, that shows her allegiance with Johnson, just right there. Also during 2018, she could not reach questioning time by the parliament as she was stuck in a train for 4 hours. Wonder if that is a sign of what to come from her?

Eighy Pick is Matt Hancock who has become the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. He is reappointed, as he got this position first in 2018. Therefore, Johnson kept him in the same position.

Ninth pick is Theresa Villiers, whose appointed as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. She was the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland between 2012 to 2016. She’s a Brexiteer and a controversial figure. Surely fitting well with several other comrades in this cabinet.

Tenth pick is Gavin Williamson as the Secretary of State for Education. He was the Secretary of State for Defence between November 2017 to 1st May 2019, as he was sacked from the job for a national security leak over Huawei. Also, he questioned PM May’s fitness for the role in government. So, surely, this appointment is a shocker, but in line Patel and others, who has broken the code, but allowed to get back now.

Enough for now. This is not getting better. Just getting worse. Feel bad for the British. This is the people whose trusted and to lead. This is the ones that is supposed to finalize the Brexit for HM Government and Westminster, this will end up in chaos and utter disgraceful activity. Not a good look, if it was wobbly under May, Johnson will be even incredible levels of incompetence and lack of due diligence. Peace.

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