Opinion: South Sudan Oyee! Kiir wants all the glory!

“Oh God!

 We praise and glorify you

 For your grace on South Sudan

 Land of great abundance

 Uphold us united in peace and harmony


Oh motherland!

 We rise raising flag with the guiding star

 And sing songs of freedom with joy,

 For Justice, Liberty and Prosperity

 Shall forevermore reign.


Oh Great Patriots!

 Let us stand up in silence and respect

 Saluting our Martyrs whose blood

 Cemented our National foundation,

 We vow to protect our Nation.


Oh God, Bless South Sudan!” (South Sudan Oyee! – South Sudan National Anthem).

Well, were here that the South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardiit has decreed that only in his presence and at his functions this song can be played. The National Anthem, the song that celebrates the Republic of South Sudan can only be sung when his around. That is what the newest decree is all about(!). This is not a joke; this is the SPLA/M-IG way of spreading the love of independence to the public.

Eye Radio reports: “Addressing the media, Makuei said the instruction states that the national anthem shall be sung only in the presence of the president. “It’s been observed that the national anthem is been played all over,” he stated. “Everybody is playing the national anthem. For the information of everybody, the national anthem is only meant for the president, and functions attended by him.”” (Juan Evalyn & Alhadi Hawari – ‘Kiir bans singing of national song in his absence’ 22.07.2019, link: https://eyeradio.org/kiir-bans-singing-of-national-song-in-his-absence/ ).

We can clearly see the message and the idea behind the songs in the eyes of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) and the President. That this song, only function to be at functions where the President resides. Who cares about the sons and daughters who became martyrs, singing it all over the nation, as their sacrifice is the reason for the existence of the Republic? Nah man, their cause and their sacrifice for the freedom and liberty from Khartoum, was so that people could sing around the President. This is how it seems, because, this is a song that is supposed to unify the nation. The song that everyone should know to be patriotic about the Republic, not the ones who govern it. However, that seems a bit foolish now.

Why this is kind of shocking, because this is usually what an National Anthem is supposed to do: “The national anthem, like other national symbols of a country, represents the tradition, history, and beliefs of a nation and its people. Hence, it helps evoke feelings of patriotism among the country’s citizens and reminds them of their nation’s glory, beauty, and rich heritage. It also helps unite the citizens of the country by one single song or music. During the performance of the national anthem, citizens of a nation, despite their ethnic differences, rise up in unison and listen attentively or sing the song with great enthusiasm” (World Atlas – ‘What Is the Purpose of a National Anthem?’ 05.02.2019, link: https://www.worldatlas.com/what-does-the-national-anthem-mean.html).

Surely, the National Anthem of South Sudan isn’t meant to unify or be a remembrance for the citizens. It’s supposed to only be a vital part of the ass-kissing of the pride and glory of the President. Everyone else has to figure out other ways to be unified and find something to be united over. Especially not this song, as that has been banned from being played when His Excellency is not around. Peace.

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