Opinion: How little is President Magufuli? You got no idea!

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee

And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.” Robert Frost

You know that the state of affairs and the control of the population has gone to foolish levels, when people are investigated and arrested for publishing content on WhatsApp. Now, there are three students this week arrested from Kampala International University in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania.

We already know that the CCM and President Joseph Magufuli is a touchy and a crowd who cannot stomach criticism, neither allow any sort of dissidents nor any movement of opposition, except if they have legally told the right authorities about their acts, lectures, press conferences or campaign rallies. In this United Republic, you can now be ensured that all your data, content and published online will be put under scrutiny. You could become a felon just for toying with a picture of the President.

That is what the three KIU students did, they played around with a picture of President Magufuli making him wear a hijab. Like that is dangerous, like this little joke would shatter the world, cease the power of the President and kill his libido. Surely, this sort of picture wouldn’t liberate the ovaries of woman in the life of the President. They would close them and would fear the cross-dressing President.

Let’s be serious. The Police and the authorities seeking to investigate this, having a court case over this is all a bunch of nonsense. Shows how dumb the society can go. How Big Brother Magufuli and his lack of love is ever present in the United Republic.

They are accused of “publishing false information through technology”, we all know that the President wouldn’t wear a hijab, unless he would get laid by his wife. We know that these students only did this as a joke. Not a sinister act on WhatsApp, they just had a fun with a public persona and the one with the highest office in the Republic. Surely, he should be able to carry this and also the state should see this as insignificant. Not like they cause mass hysteria, not like they were spreading massive leaks of government sensitive data nor planning a overthrow of government.

No, they just had a moment of fun on WhatsApp, which shouldn’t become a giant United Republic of Tanzania matter. The President, the Police and everyone should chill and ensure they can carry themselves. These students should even be allowed to make a picture with the President in a thong or G-string like Borat. Because, it is just mockery of a person in power.

The President isn’t a holy deity is he? Is Magufuli the lost son of God and we cannot mock him?

Please if so, do tell? Because, we need to know. A man of that character should have the brilliance and the wit to convince of it. Until then, his allowed to be mocked, that comes with the office he has. He should expect that and so should the government. Peace.

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