Opinion: The authorities will pin charges on Bobi Wine until he cannot manage to have a political career…

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been under fire ever since he started his political career and becoming an MP for Kyadondo East. This is not news, that his been arrested, house-arrested and awaiting trials. That is very common by this day and age. The Authorities and the Police Force is always on his trail.

Bobi Wine has been charged several of times; some has been dropped like having illegal ammunition. However, his still charged for participating in treasonous acts in Arua. However, he still has charged of annoying, disobedience and inciting violence. This being in the way on and sharing the road of the President on the 13th August 2018 in Arua, this holding an illegal demonstration against Mobile Money on the 29th April 2019. Therefore, he has several of cases going on.

As this is going on, this is all deliberately done to silence and stop his engagement with society in general. Because, all the trials, criminal summons and the charges put on him in Arua and elsewhere is all done to stop him from his political work. The authorities are piling up and finding new codes he could have broken. They will charge whatever they can, even if he just stops going to the bank around Constitutional Square in Kampala, they will charge him with wrongful parking. That is what they do.

The National Resistance Movement and the President needs to do this, because they cannot campaign on promises and pledges, they cannot address the needs nor the reality of the citizens. That is why the voices of concern, the voices of the people is silenced, because they undress the NRM and what they stood for. Bobi Wine is the prime example, the biggest political star since Besigye.

We all know this and the NRM knows this too, that is why the President is steadily campaigning and visiting every single district on tours, two years ahead of the General Election to try to win favours and look good ahead of the next election. Even if it only shows the double standard and the proof of the ill acts of the government. Who cannot even allow or clear concerts on the private ground and One Love Beach for Bobi Wine. While the NRM can campaign at every district of the nation.

That is why, the charges will pile up and he has to answer for these all over the republic. This is what the Republic does to its dissidents. They are all supposed to be loyal to Museveni and his party, not question his rule and forever reign. Bobi Wine crosses this narrative and therefore, he has to pay. Either by treason, annoying, disobedience or just breathing in the wrong parliamentary chamber.

They do whatever takes, but Bobi Wine has to go down, either by hook or by the crook. Just like they have done with others, his next in line to pay for his non-patriotic act of being a figure against the President. Because, you cannot love the Republic, without falling in love with Museveni. That is just the reality of Yoweri or Yosri at this point of time. In addition, Bobi Wine loves the Republic, but doesn’t believe in the leadership of Museveni. That is is crime and for doing so, he got to pay his time. Peace.

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