Opinion: ZANU-PF isn’t a party of self-awareness…

In the recent week, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) has addressed the remarks made by a Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance MP, who said the MDC-A is treasonous for their call to overthrow a legitimate government.

What is very special for the Second Republic is that its like this. Like Gen. Constantino Chiwenga, the VP and former ZDF Commander, who took to the streets and took the commando in Harare in the middle of November 2017. They combined with the efforts done, the tiredness with the Mugabe regime and fear for a Grace Mugabe government. The ZANU-PF combined with the military leadership in ZDF overthrow Robert Mugabe and his government, so that Emmerson Mnangagwa could become the President. The Lacoste fraction got into power and ditched the G-40 of Grace.

That is why its very unique, that the ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe Government of our day, says it treasonous to think off and speaking of a violent overthrow of their government. The ZANU-PF in July 2019 are the ones who used the military to take power and control all parts of the government. They are a military junta, not a government filled with civilians. It has packed itself with the ZDF commanders, which helped it into power post-Mugabe.

That is really why, the ironies of the acts of ZANU-PF spokesperson and Government spokesperson. Both of them is using the same words about what the MDC-A and how these rants are breaking with the New Dispensation. It could only be new, if the army intervened and overthrow the former dispensation, which it did.

That is why this is all foolish and ignorant. When the ZANU-PF talks of Constitutional breach and total anarchy, when they themselves ushered these sort acts on themselves in November 2017. They have since then gotten elected into office through a shambolic election and with post-election violence to show the world, that there is no difference between the new and the old. Just more of the same, but with a scarf.

Therefore, the PF should be a bit more humble and maybe even understand why people believe in a peaceful transition and of an uprising bringing it down. However, by all means, a military government of its kind will answer with bullets and bloodshed. Still, with that, we should expect some more sombre views that it might happen again and the coup, that wasn’t coup, was actually a coup d’etat.

In this way, the ZANU-PF should have shown some wisdom and some strength. Nobody want to be overthrown. However, as they overthrew themselves, they should maybe understand why people might want to overthrow them at one point in time. By both legal means, and by a similar coup like in November 2017.

Because, is it only the ones who is in power and who overthrow themselves that is allowed to break the law and use force to regain power? Is it only the ZANU-PF with the help of the army, that is allowed to break the laws and question the powers?

It seems so. It really seems so. That is not a good look. The government, the party and the army should look at itself and regain some sort of self-awareness. Not, that I anticipate it.  Because, when your high on power, you expect anyone else to be in on it. Until, it really ends and the world is awaiting your crash. That is what happen to Mugabe, Mnangagwa might end alike.

Since, the President who took power with an overthrow. Might be afraid that people want to overthrow him. Every dogs has his day, right now his jet-setting everywhere and doesn’t want to loose that lifestyle.

Well, who knows, if the state gets even more rotten, the public get tired of it and demonstrate so hard. That the power is dwindling, the lack of foreign currency and the state will either back-down or create bloodshed. Then, what would Mnangagwa do? Would he do it again? Just to regain a seat.

We don’t know, but what we don’t know. Is that that the ZANU-PF isn’t a party of self-awareness. Peace.

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