Opinion: Does Mzee listen to himself before he opens up his mouth anymore?

“NRM Party from the beginning was a Party of educating people not looking for votes and telling lies”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 7th July 2019  at Karaka Primary School playground, Tirinyi Sub-County in Kibuku district Eastern Uganda.

It is about that time, that the President Museveni and his party National Resistance Movement (NRM) is gearing up for another election. He is busy scheduling rallies in every district and sub-county, to ensure that people remembers him and his supposed legacy. That all is listening to the wise man and his cronies, because that is his livelihood.

The President often times says something outrages, just like yesterday. When he claimed in Kibuku district, that the party of NRM was for educating people and not looking for voters. This is a bit funny, because his rallying up people two years ahead of General Elections in 2021. He is out pledging and promising greener pastures, which often will not happen. The NRM has promised jobs, wealth and education for over three decades and people still live in the same huts or houses without tap water, electricity or jobs to go too.

So, pardon me Mr. President but aren’t you lying, when you haven’t kept most of the pledges in every election since 1996? When you haven’t been able to fix the 10 Point Programme nor the Uganda National Development Plan I and Uganda National Development Plan II? Not to forget Vision 2020 or Vision 2040?

You have had a long time with party programmes and you have had the majority of local politicians, the parliament and the RDCs in action. So, its not that you can say the opposition stood in the way, because they have been a minor play or insignificant in the manner of the whole government. You know that, and the public knows that. Unless, that is water under the bridge for you.

So, Mr. President, what say you? Have you told the truth, nothing but the truth so help you God? No, you haven’t and neither has the NRM. We all know that, you have come and gone, you visit these districts, but you don’t live there. The NRM come asks for votes, come with weapons and intimidate for voters, but doesn’t stay there. The NRM promises roads, schools and jobs, but cannot commit or afford to do so without help from donors or loans. That is just the mere reflection of the economy and the fixed financial squeeze the Ugandan government is in.

We can lie to ourselves, just like you lies to the public on a daily basis. You can say, the NRM has done this and done that, but in reality it hasn’t. We all know that, heck, you know that perfectly well Mr. President.

You might started in the bush wanting to educate people and change their lives, maybe you even wanted to be revolutionary, but you sold yourself out for the state reserves and the majestic cronyism that you have built up over the years. Instead of growing the economy, your crippling. Instead of steadying the boat, your ensuring that they sink. That is what you do.

Then, in the aftermath, your peddling and trying to find ways to save the ones who didn’t drown and call that a good day. That is what you do. Nothing else, your trying, but not succeeding, except for overstaying in power, because of your army. That is what you have done. This is the true story of the NRM, that the army saved it and made it. Not the public, not citizens nor the political programme, but the freaking army is the reason for its longevity. We can lie and say it’s the brilliance of you Mr. President.

However, we all know its not. You might lie, but I will not. Peace.


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